Monday, January 16, 2006

Another class cancelled

I sat in the staff room after lunch today relaxing with some of the teachers, including one of my favorites, Rémi, trying to remember what time my afternoon class is at on Mondays because I havent had it since well before the break for Christmas. Rémi told me that I have it at 2, funny that he knows. He headed off for class at 1330 and I did some photocopies for the class. I was chatting with some of the Enlgish teachers when I all of a sudden remembered that I dont have my afternoon class today. I cant seem to keep up with my cancelled classes over here. hehe! Last week I only ended up having 6 hours of class, including an extra hour going to the primary school with one of the teachers. This week I will have more which will be a nice change from having free time. I have 1hour today, 3 tomorrow, 1 Thursday plus 1hour at primary school and I will go to another class just to be introduced and on Friday I will have 3 hours. So I will end with about 9.5 of 10 hours. I figured out that I will work about 200 hours(if that) in the total of 7 months that I am here. Man, that is like 5 weeks work back home! If I average out what I am making per hour here it is amazing! 26 € /hour = about 38CAD/hour. Cant really complain about that, on top of that, I make out well not having to pay rent here. If only I saved money! haha, have to make the most of being able to travel while here, atleast I think so!
The one thing I hate in this school is that on more than half the computers I can't access my hotmail. I was in the "parloir" where the internet for the teachers is (we have it in the staff room too, but I cant access my email there) and a teacher came in and needed the computer to input marks, so here I am "banished" to the "teachers" computer in the library because there is a class in the library, where once again, I cannot access my email. So frusterating. I can't even access Oh well, life goes on. I was in the middle of writing an email that I would like to finish, but it will have to wait.
For some reason my feet are really cold today.
This weekend I spent with my friend Sophal. The one from Cambodia. Her husband has been away since last Monday and will come home on Friday. I was at her place for the weekend which is not far from mine. We didnt get up to tooooo much, but it was definitely nice to spend the weekend with someone and to speak French the entire time. Thats what I want...speak French!
I know it has improved a lot since I have been here, but I feel as though I have reached a "plateau" as it was put by Rémi. It's frusterating because I just want it to be there. I dont want to have to think anymore when I speak French. I just want it to be there! Grrrr.
I have contemplated what I will do next year, as I still am not sure. I do know that in the summer I definitely need to find a job to make some cash for whatever I decide to do in the fall!
Alright, this is turning into a book, sorry! Hope all is well wherever you may be.


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