Sunday, January 08, 2006

Forgotten moments

Oh man, sitting around this weekend I have realised I have forgotten some funny things from the trip. I noticed that I put something about the mullets in my title but forgot to elaborate. Oh well, here is a little something.
Everywhere we went in Spain we saw mullets. And I mean everywhere. You didnt just see the basic business in the front party in the back, but I mean some interesting mullets. I have a good picture somewhere that I will have to upload of one of the cops mullets. It was dark hair with a dyed blond streaks mullet. Now that is a good laugh. On our way into a store somewhere we saw the best one yet and unfortunately I did NOT have time to get out my camera to get a shot. It was a dreadlock mullet. That is right, his mullets was dreads. Hilarious!!!!!
We got some different channels at our place there too. German television as I already made a reference too, but English(Bristish) tv too. We saw some pretty great comedy shows. The first one had a good skit in it that had to do with lesbians and the one line was something like "muff eater" and the second was "fanny muncher". For all those north americans out there, in Britain, a fanny is NOT your bum, but the other side..... Another show we saw was "BUZZCOCKS"....yes, I may sound like I am 12 laughing at this, but it was pretty funny.
The nicknames....that is all that has to be said!!!!!! GREAT TRIP!!!!!!!
Thanks guys for the memories!!!!!!


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