Friday, January 06, 2006


Tonight I was out walking around town. Thought about going to the movies, but Narnia is not really my cup of tea for movie choices and that was the choice. I decided to walk a little further in an area I have never really ventured down. On my way back down the street this car was driving up going pretty fast. My first thought was "as if someone is driving so fast in these tiny streets. Then I looked down the road and thought to myself "these roads arent really that tiny". I remember the day I arrived. Rue Nationale the main street was the same street I first drove in on when arriving. I remember thinking then "wow, this is the tiniest street ever". It's funny how your perception of something can change. I dont know why I am posting this but I just thought it was kind of funny/interesting. My perception has changed...and this just proved it!


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