Friday, January 06, 2006

Granada....good bread

Yet another drive ahead of us. Started off better than the previous but still late due to some late sleepers.....the drive didnt seem as bad as the day before. Less in and out, but more through the mountain roads. And the roads there are really nice. We ended up going to straight to the Alhambra (which I have been waiting to see for so long), grabbing some food and heading in. It was just amazing. The architecture was so impressive with arab buildings. It was really a site to see and I dont think all the pictures I took can even do it justice. It is just unbelieveable. The funniest thing ever. I was strolling through the Alhambra when I saw a familiar face. I stared for awhile not knowing if I actually knew the person. Well it turns out I wasnt crazy. I actually knew the guy. Scotty....I went to university with him and knew hime through Amber & Caitlin, sorry no last name. Anyway, thought that was kind of funny. After the Alhambra we headed into town. I wanted to stop in and see the cathedral. The 3 of us girls split up from the boys. Grabbed some bread at the grocery store before heading to the car where we would sit for the next 2.5 hours. Some interesting comments were made on how good this bread was. Some comparisons of how good it was. Quite the amusing day!


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