Friday, January 13, 2006


Well, I have decided that I really like this town except one thing. This one thing is really big which is a problem. It is the fact that I don’t really have many friends in this town. That is the thing that is really hard to handle. Other than that I like ;y life here. To go along with the no friends thing I’d have to say it is the free time factor.
I am going to make a list of pointers and things of that such for if there is an assistant here next year or in the years to come, although a list of pointers can not help everyone. My opinion on this program that I am not going to post on the assistants site, is that it is not fit for everyone. Especially if you end up in a little town such as La Châtre it is even more specific of person I think. You have to be completely dedicated to this program I think, and you have to enjoy your own company. I am not going to say that it is always easy here by any means, it was really hard at the start for me, but you have to push through it, as I did, and you have to continue to look at the good side of everything. Once you get over that hump, you are all set. Sure I have my down days now but they are few and in an overall general sense all is great! The thing that could make this place better is friends, hehe! I will survive!
I was walking through the hallway today on my way back to my room when i saw one of ;y students. He is super cute and if he was older I’d have q crush on him. Hahaha. Ok, so anyway, he always uses “vous” with me and I try and tell him every time to use “tu”. I had a little chuckle about it. It just made me smile.
Well, I am headed out to meet up with my friend Sophal. I will spend the night there. Not too sure yet what we will do but it will be nice to get out my place for a night and to spend it with a friend.


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