Saturday, January 07, 2006

Next stop....Amsterdam then Brussels

So after just making the train with about 1 minute to spare we realised that we cant walk all the way down to our (Darcie and Is) car of the train. So I went to check with the train man to see what was up. Have the train was staying in Brussels and the other half was continuing on to Amsterdam. So in Brussels we had to hop off and switch trains. We eventually made it to our hostel in Amsterdam. Seemed a little sketchy upon walking in but the rooms were decent and because we had reserved we saved 2€ per night! We got to our room after having to climb of the smallest and steepest staircase EVER. Found our beds and chilled. We met a couple Aussies in our room who we ended up spending the entire stay with. A dude from Alaska, Ryan, showed up in our room while we were still there (room of 16) and we all headed for food. Darcie and I were starving seeing as we had only had a fruit 2 go and 2 cookies on the train ride there. The 5 of us headed out for food (chips AKA fries) and did a little tour of the city for awhile then went back to the hostel to relaw a little before the night began. Darcie Luke and I went split from Josh & Ryan and went and got food. We ended up loosing the guys because they werent there when we got back so we headed back to the hostel where we eventually found Josh, alone. Ryan said he was going back the hostel but I guess he didnt make it there right away. We headed out yet again stopped at a few places and checked out the Red Light district. Darcie and I were trying to pick out who was a man, hahah! We actually got to see this guy pickpocketing people, not that it is a good thing, but it was krazy to see. People just walk past you saying quietly "coke, cocaine" trying to sell it to you. If you really look you see people actually dealing. It was really eye opening. I was there in October staying with Anna so never was really out much at night and definitely NEVER noticed any of that. It was krazy. Back to the hostel! We chilled in the common room there for awhile before bed. Finally Ryan made it back and we all just hung out chatted. Darcie and I wanted to play Monopoly, we had ever since we saw it when checking in. Unfortunately NO ONE wanted to play except us. Instead we drew pictures and sort of played a "pictionary" type of game.
The next day we slept in later than all the other days then headed to the Van Gogh museum. We got these amazing little mini pancakes for lunch which were great! Josh & Ryan didnt come to the musem with us. After on the way home we hit up the grocery store to get some food for dinner, or pre-dinner and snacks. I got MILK!!!! It was great! Not like the milk here in france. I actually drank 1/2 a litre of it!!!mmmmm! I was happy. We all just hung out in the room for awhile relaxing and I looked through some of Lukes pics from the UK which were awesome. Made me want to go travel there for sure. We went downstairs and chilled there for awhile with some other random people from the hostel. We headed out for awhile to walk around town and get some food seeing as we didnt officially eat dinner. Not too late of a night, but not that early of one. We chilled back at the hostel for a bit before going to bed.
The next morning we got up and headed out for a bit. Darcie want to get a few souvenirs and I would have like to find the GIANT wooden shoe, although we ran out of time for that. Once again, off and running. We almost missed our train, AGAIN! If it werent for the Aussies we would not have made it. As soon as we stepped on the train the buzzer rang and the doors closed. I really wish that we would have missed the train as did Darcie. Upon arrival to Brussels, we were NOT the happiest of people to be there. It was kind of disappointing. The only good things that we saw were was the "pissing" manequin and his collection of outfits! We stayed 2 nights and home for me then. Left Darcie in Brussels she got on one train and me on another.

All in all, this holiday was AMAZING! I didnt even miss Christmas that much. Hhehe


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