Friday, January 06, 2006

A couple days to myself...

The 27th I headed to Salamanca on my own. 3 of the 4 flew home that morning and Leo was staying in Madrid then heading to Barcelona. I got to Salamanca and arrived at the train station, stepped out and all of a sudden it hit me. I hadnt travelled like this in awhile. All I knew was the name of the hostel, with no idea where it was or where the tourist office was. I asked a woman in the station and she told me it was a 15minute walk. I decided to lock my pack in a locker and just take my small backpack. I didnt know how long I would be wandering for. Just arriving like that caught me off guard becuase I head been travelling differently the past while. I like it though! I made my way around and ended up checking into the hostel for 12€ a night, great deal. I went out and toured around town at night which was quite beautiful with all the lights on the buildings and churches. I ended up eating at Pizza Hut. I would love to go into some nice Spanish restaurant but sometimes when you are alone it is just easier to do the simple thing.
The next morning I met Paolo who was in my room. He is from Rome. We got chatting and he was headed to the cathedral also so we headed for a quick breakfast and to the cathedral. It was quite impressive. Paolo seemed to know so much it was great. We then decided to head to Avila which was about 3/4 of the way to Madrid. I took my stuff and went to put it in the locker. After messing up and spending 9€ I got my pack in. I was a little grump, but oh well. We were there and unfortunately, Paolo's guide books times needed an update and we missed the cathedral. Oh well, thats life. Cant have everything. So we headed up the wall which you can walk along the tops of. It was cool. We wandered around town periodically grabbing hot chocolate/coffee because it was chilly, and caught our trains around 9. I went onto Madrid and Paolo back to Salamanca. I just went straight to the airport took up camp on a bench and slept. My flight was at 715 checking closed at 645 and so it was not worth paying for a hostel and a cab in the morning. Back to France to meet Darcie......


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