Friday, January 06, 2006

Christmas!!!! Off to Cordoba

We all headed off on a train north on Christmas day. The girls and I got off in Cordoba and the guys continued on to Madrid. We found a hotel, very nice and cheap then set out to wander around town. A lot of things werent open, which I kinda assumed would be the case, but me managed to see into part of the Mezquita (mosque) and see some of the other monuments in town. Later in the evening around 7 or so the streets just filled with people. It was awesome. We headed to get dinner late likee usual and ended up what seemed to be a decent place. Ashlie and I ordered something fairly simple...chicken. With horribly broken Spanish because no one in this town spoke engish, we asked if it was chicken brest. He replied yes and off he went. When he came back, I saw the sketchyist chicken ever. It looked like the little squares of beef you use in a stew. Oh well, we ate as much as we could and off we went. The next morning Ashlie and I got up to go to the Mezquita to arrive around 945 before it was supposed to open at 10 because we wanted to catch the train at 11. When we arrived the Mezquita was open (and free, not the 5€ that I read somewhere) so we headed straight in. There was a ceremony going on at the cathedral inside. This place was so incredible and once again, photos can not do it justice. I was super happy to be in there and happy to be able to hear the sound that came from that organ. It was just amazing. Off we ran back to the hotel got a cab instead of walking and booted it to the station. Only to our dismay was a) not at 11 and b) going to cost 75€ if we left before 1715. So we headed over in the rain to the bus station to see what they had to offer. There was a bus at 4 arriving at 845 which was only 1 hour and 15min later than the train and 30€ price difference we opted for the LONG bus ride. It wasnt bad and we eventually made it to the hostel in Madrid. Cat's Hoste after getting lost and the use of my brilliant Spanish skills haha, I got us directionsl! I didnt spend a lot of time here it was an awesome hostel and I would recommend it. Great security, clean and a great atmosphere. Enough of me selling this place to all you. We met back up with the guys and went to dinner and then a few of us had some drinks at the hostel. Olivia Leo and I decided to go out and check out the scene. Off we went walking in a direction the guy at the front desk suggested. We met some Austrian guys on the walk then some Spanish. We all talked about going to a club. I had a deja vu because we ended up in front of the club that I went to 3.5years ago when I was in Madrid. Club Joy! We didnt go there. The 3 of us and the two Austrian dudes headed on and ended up at some bar which I believe was called Dreams. We had a couple beers danced a little and then headed out. Well, actually we were kicked out as they were closing pouring our beers into "to-go cups" but real sturdy plastic, not like the throw away plastic ones. That was quite amusing that they were sending us out with drinks. Along the way we met two finish people. We were going to go to another bar but Olivia had to go home because she had to leave at 6 to catch her flight. It was 5am and I didnt think she would find her own way home so I said I would walk her home. For some stupid, pisse me off reason Leo decided she should take a cab home and for some reason I got shipped home in the cab too. I was not impressed at all! Actually I was quite pissed off. I thought I should be the good friend and offer to walk Olvia home not take a cab. She was fine enough to take a cab home alone. Oh well, Olivia made out with one of the Austrians so that was quite amusing!!! Comment of this day was definitely "paperbag princess" sorry, no explanation on this one. Good times.
After many talks on the highlights of the week and the song of the week, thanks to the all famous German music channel and Gülcan(or however it was spelt) here it is....LAST CHRISTMAS!!!! Heard that one way too many times. It was definitely an amazing week with lots of memories! Thanks guys


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