Friday, January 06, 2006

A day off...

At the last minute I just decided I wasnt going to go to Morroco. Ashlie ended up going on her own(with a tour group). I was tired and exhausted and knew I still had about 12days left of travelling before going home. So I slept in and then headed to the mall with the other 4. The guys went to the movies and Olivia and I looked around the mall. We headed home and relaxed before having our Christmas Eve dinner. We tried to eat up everything that was left in the place and then started drinking. We had lots of booze to drink. There were 3 bottles of sangria, 1 btl of rum and a bottle of wine, plus Ashlies bottle of rye. We got off to a start with dinner and carried on into the drinking games. Those are always fun. Arthur went to bed earlier than the rest of us and eventually headed down to the beach at 3 in the morning ready to swim. Well, atleast Olivia and I were in our suits. Got in no more than the knees. It was funny though. It ended up being a late night but oh well, still need to do that every so often.


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