Friday, January 06, 2006


Thursday we ended up renting a little car for 2 days to do a little touring. It turned out to be a great deal. The car and gas were only 160€ (32€ each). We all piled in and headed up the mountain (litteraly) we went, in and around the mountain halfway up. It was a great roadtrip! We finally made it to Seville after a late start due some NON early risers after 2.5hours in the car. We had lunch (McDs to cure a stomach after a night of drinking) and met up with Ashlies roomate Jorge who actually lives there. We went to the Royal Alcazar and in the part of the cathedral which was open. We were able to see the tomb of Christopher Columbus. When we were in the Alcazar we wasted a lot of time because Olivia wandered off out of the palace and over to the cathedral and around it. We had no clue where she was. The Plaza de Espana was amazing also. To end the night we went to a tapas bar, and some of us hada beer and we all had tapas. It was great!!!


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