Friday, January 06, 2006

Free booze at 10 am, WOOT!

Wednesday we signed up for a FREE bacardi cortilla tour, although we had to go to the diamond factory after. 9am pickup and we headed off to the Bacardi place in Malaga. They sure rushed you through the museum part of it, but oh well, we sat down at 10:22 and had ourselves a nice bacardi breezer. When we finished that we grabbed a shot of 8 year old dark rum. We checked out the boutique which was unbelieveably cheap. I bought myself a set of 4 bacardi glasses which are nice glass with "beveled"(that ones for you Linds) writing on them. They were only 1€ each, though a pain in the ass to carry after. We all went in on splitting a bottle of rum. The diamond place was a bore, they were all about just selling which I sure wasnt interested while I was on my budget holiday. That afternoon we didnt get upto tooo much. We were going to go to Malaga but we didnt end up doing that becuase it was fairly late. We just went to Fuengirola checked our mail looked into getting tickets for the train and headed home. That night we cracked open the rum as well as one of the many bottles of wine we had. We played "kings" or "waterfalls" as Leo called it. We played it a couple nights earlier just Ashlie Leo and I after a failed attempt at playing asshole because of rule differences. Anyway, Leo, Ashlie and I were getting pretty loaded and decided to head out down to one of the pubs. The other 2 just want to bed. We went to Harp Bar. There were a lot of english speakers in there, as well as some others. Ended up talking to some Welsh guy and his "SKETCHY" mexican roomate as well as some english and a wierd hungarian(i think) girl. It was quite the amusing nights with the phrase of the night being "piss off" in a welsh accent. This night made for many laughs, that is all that needs to be said.


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