Sunday, January 22, 2006

Weekend to Rouen & the beaches

My weekend...I headed up to Rouen, in Normandy to see Ashlie, who I went to uni with and to Spain. One of the guys, Leo, that went to spain with us came up too and his friend, Sekou, came also. Sekou is this 280 lb black dude from Indiana. He arrived before Leo & me. Olivia(also went to Spain with us) picked up Sekou from the station as Ashlie couldnt be there at that time, and doesnt live right in the city. Ashlie picked me up from the train station around19h45 and we met up with Sekou and her other friends at a pub while we waited for Leo to arrive. Had myself a pint and was starting to feel it due to lack of food. Finally Leo got there and we got dinner at about 10pm. After we stopped by Olivias house, then headed to another pub. We had a few drinks and chilled. It was a fun time!!! The next day we were planning to go up to the D-Day beaches. It was a beautiful perfect day for it which was nice. We thought about renting a car, but didnt do it ahead of time so got up early and went to the place to see. We decided if we couldnt get a car or they were too expensive we would have just hopped on the train. We ended up getting a car, Sekou said he knew how to drive stick, and because the stupid Hertz people made us wait an hour, we got a super deal. They opened at 8 but the dude that does the paperwork didnt get there till about 915. So we ended up getting a rental for 2 days for 115€. That is pretty good and it was a huge car, really nice. So off we went....stall #1....stall #2 ......stall#50. Ok, so we stalled so many times and his gear changing was not that great. But, whatever I was happy he was driving. But hell, it got worse....he did not read signs, yes they are different but the roads are better marked here than back home if you ask me. And frankly how hard is it to follow signs. Anyway, it ended up being a lot of voices being raised about where to turn, when to turn etc. It was super frusterating because he didnt seem to listen or pay attention to the signs so we drove past things like 10times. It was frusterating. So we got to go to Juno Beach which was cool, along with a few others(Gold and Omaha). That night when we got home things got a little awkward. Everyone was frusterated and whatnot. The next day seeing as we ended up getting the car for 2days we wanted to go to Dieppe, but that didnt end up happening. Buddy refused to drive and then was being a huge asshole. I felt really bad for Leo becuase this is his friend and it put him in an awkward postion.
So, everyone was frusterated and had been up and down most of the day. After dinner we were talking and this guy has the nerve to say to me "are you manic depressive or something? Or are you bipolar?" I was like excuse me???? Who the f**k do you think you are asking someone that question. I asked why the hell he asks that and he says you've been up and down all day, you're so nice when you are happy. Im sorry buddy, you were f**king driving me (and all the other girls) up the f**king wall with your lack of attention put into looking at signs. Anyway, that was pretty much the weekend. He did not thank Ashlie for letting him stay at her place or anything. So yea, that is pretty much it. Good but that dude....someone I never really want to see again.
On the train from Rouen to Paris this dude sits beside me. He asks "Do the cops control(patrol) the trains. I said I dont know, the didnt last time I was on. Why, do you not have a ticket?" He says to me "I have some coke with me, and I dont have a ticket" Me: "ok" ...who tells a complete stranger that??? So anyway, the ticket controllers come around and he has no ticket. He gave them a fake declaration for identity because he was going to be charged for not having a ticket, which I think was about 60€. He told me it was a fake declaration, I asked for what and he told me his identity card, I think its the paper they get if they are waiting for a new one cause they lost thiers or something. Oh man, what a wierdo. Nothing like what I see in my little town.


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