Thursday, March 30, 2006

Oh yea...

I totally forgot that last week there was a class of CE2's, which are kids around 8 or 9 years old, here from Tours. They were here for a couple days touring the region and whatnot. Last Tuesday night I went with them to this castle where people were dressed in clothing from the 19th century and then we went to this little house which was supposed to resemble that dating also the 19th century. Inside they somewhat re-enacted what happened those days though we got to be apart of it. The told little stories, played music, sang, danced and ate food. It was quite a fun evening! On the Wednesday I also joined them. They did a little tour of the region which was nice. It included going to the castle of St Chartier, and Sarzay as well as the Mare au Diable, the moulin d'Angibault and the church in Vic and passing again my the house of George Sand. I was really lucky to get to take part in all this especially free!! Lucky me!


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