Monday, March 20, 2006

Weekend fun!

Well, Friday I hung out at Sophals for the afternoon because they were having their heating fixed seeing as it has been broken for about 2 weeks and she had class and David had to work. Friday night I headed into Chateauroux to meet up with some friends. Jerome met me at the station and we waited for Cecile and Romain to pick us up. We headed to some of thier friends for dinner. It was a delightful evening. Had a few beers, no green beer for paddys day though, and a delicious meal. I stayed at Rosys that night, as Lucy her and I were heading out to Poitiers the next morning. We headed out around 10h30. We couldnt go straight to the hotel because the streets were blocked off due to protests against the CPE. So we parked the car, grabbed some lunch, mmmm crepes, then headed to the hotel to drop all of our stuff off. We went out and did a little shopping, of course I spent more than planned, but oh well!
Saturday night we got ready in our room had a few drinks, met up with a friend Kim and headed out to dinner before going out. Once we made it to the pub Lucy and I managed to get some free shots from one of the bartenders by asking what he recommended. GREAT! Our drinks that we ordered came with glow sticks(well, they were like the skinny bracelet ones) in them. Rosy started playing around with it until she snapped it and the glow stuff went all over her and the mirror on the wall beside her. It was quite amusing! We stayed there until it closed around 2 and then decided we would check out a club, one that was free for females! We were waiting for a cab when we decided to test our luck hitchhiking. It worked!!! This girl stopped and was jsut going to give directions because it was actually very close. Then she said she would drive us. She told us she had never picked anyone up before and they only reason she did was because we were 3 girls. They were really sweeet, 2girls and one guy, and ended up coming to the club with us. It was quite fun though very expensive. We stayed there tearing up the dance floor till the early hours of the morning, getting back to the hotel around 5h30. It was quite the night!!
Sunday we got some pasteries and sat in a park and relaxed. It was a beautiful day out with the sun shining. We then took a little walk through town and ate and headed home. It was a great weekend! I also found out some great news which I will not post on here, if you really want to know you have to ask me!!! :) Take it easy


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Hey, did you go to Le Grand Goule? I'm not quite sure how it's spelled, but I've been to that one before, and it was fun, but yes, very expensive! 6€ for a Desperado!

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