Monday, March 27, 2006

Who woulda known...

Well, I just learnt something new. We changed our clocks ahead here in France this past Sunday and back home in Canada, and Im assuming in Panama too, you dont change them ahead till next weekend. So wierd!
Anyway, it has been a week now, and not that much has been going on. I really have not been working all that much due to various other things including the famous french "greve" aka strike! Tomorrow, once again there will be strike and the debate of the moment is "do I get up for the classes or not". I dont really want to, and if I dont have classes tomorrow that means I worked a hard week of 2hours!
So this weekend a couple friends came Friday night to visit and celebrate a little for my 24th! Oh they are so great! Lucy and Rosy came around 7. I had made good old "tartiflette"(however it is spelt)! That was fucking delicious! They had picked up a bottle of vodka for the night as well as got me a cake, some candy, a little water gun and even a bottle of champagne that I managed to get all over upon opening. We enjoyed a nice dinner at my place had some drinks and headed over to a bar around the corner and then planned on going to "the amazone" the club in my town. We got to the bar around 23h30. I saw a few of my students there which was funny and another friend. We ended up hanging out with my friend Bernard and his friends. Lucy and Rosy had made me a little list of tasks I had to accomplish for my bday night out. It was quite funny I must say and I probably only did about half the things on it. Oops. That probably partly has to do with the fact that we did NOT go to the Amazone. We called for a cab to TWO different companies who both said NO. How horrible is that?! Anyway, he had a blast that night and ended it with some microwave popcorn.
Saturday night I met up with Stephanie and we went back to this same bar to see a concert. There were lots more students out Saturday then Friday. It was a pretty fun night. Hung out with Bernard a bit as well as Fabien. Late night once again.
Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL day out. About 23°C! Sunny for the first half, a little overcast the second. I ended up heading down along the river with Bernard to enjoy the weather and make the most of the nice day we had. French rules dating....update, I am dating Bernard now. Well, I think that is all that is going on in my life....
Oh wait, today, for my bday the teachers all got together and bought me a nice book of the region and a pen. It was really sweet of them. And tonight I went to Manolas place for raclette! DELICIOUS! I ate way too much but it was great! I am going to be sad to leave here that is for sure, but I know I will come back and visit all the wonderful people I have met here!
Thats all now I think. Heading into the city tomorrow I think, for a couple days. Wednesday night we are having a little get together with all the assistants before Laura leaves as she finishes the end of March. I cant believe this year has just flown by. Anyway off for now....getting late, Cheers!


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