Saturday, April 29, 2006

Catch up time!

Well, it's almost been 3 weeks since I have written. I guess I have been busy for the most part minus this past week. Well, where to begin?! I finished up classes on the 15th. Had one class that didn't show up because their teacher was away so why should one half of the class have to have class right?!! I was a little disappointed seeing as it was going to be my last class with them and I had brought some treats for them. Now I am stuck with them and I really dont need them (thanks dad ...just kidding). My last week here was good. One of the cooks from the cafeteria, my favorite one, is part of an association for amature brewers, and he gave me a couple bottles of their beer to try. It was really sweet of him. It's nice to see some people who are so genuinely nice.
My dad arrived here in La Châtre on the 15th. We did a little walk around town I showed him the school and where I live. We went to the grocery store to grab a bottle of wine to take to Sophals for dinner and also got ourselves a bottle to enjoy on the terrace of dads hotel room. It was a beautiful afternoon for it. Bernard picked us up and we all went to Sophal and Davids for dinner. It was a great night with wonderful Cambodian food (yes dad, i'll try not to forget to get recipes for mom).
Saturday morning dad and I headed to Chateauroux to pickup a rental car. It was quite the trek because the stupid rental place at the station was closed so we had to take a city bus all the way to the outskirts of the city. We got our car and off we went, headed to the coast! First stop La Rochelle and the Ile de Ré. We spent two nights there, toured the city and the island. Nice place, quite busy seeing as it was Easter weekend. From there we headed to a town called Saintes where there are some roman ruins then to Cognac. We were able to tour a couple of the (not sure what you call them) breweries??, as well as taste them. Not really my thing. From there we worked our way to Bordeaux. We did some wine tours of the "sauternes" wineries, which is a sweet wine. I enjoyed it. Interesting how it is made....let the grapes rot, after a 'mushroom' has eaten all the juice out of them. We met some really nice people visiting the cellars there. After we headed off to the coast again, this time at Arcachon. We had great weather for our entire stay which was nice too. In Arcachon they have the biggest sand dune in Europe which measure 110m high. Dad and I did venture up and climb it. Great at the top!! though we did not venture down the other side because we knew we would have to climb back up, hehe!
We headed from there to the cute town of Saint Emilion and also visited 2 wine cellars/caves. Then on to Bergerac(yes, there was a statue of Cyrano for all those french buffs out there) and then the to Perigueux and saw an beautiful castle, chateau d'Hautefort. We ended the week back in La Châtre last Sunday. And what better way to send dad off then a Satuday night out. With a little booze of course. We started the evening off with a few drinks here, enjoyed a bottle of red under the sun. Eventually made it to a restaurant for dinner, enjoyed some more red then off to a pub for a beer. It was a great night, and Im glad that I got to share it with my dad! I had a great time with him here! Thanks Dad!!!
For those who dont know, I have changed my flight home. I am flying home on the 20th now. A few things I need to do and a few people I want to see and spend time with before I head home.
This past week has been alrright..didnt get upto too much. Monday lunch with Stephaine, Bernards birthday Tuesday, a few people over for cocktails which turned into dinner, visited Sophal a couple times and out for a drinks with Stephanie Wednesday, then dinner on Thursday for her birthday and drinks with her and Bernard after to celebrate her bday. Other than that it has been quite quiet. I have been up and down. It's hard going from being constantly busy to doing nothing. Tonight I will meet up with Stephanie and tomorrow we are going to head to Bourges for the afternoon to check out Printemps de Bourges, a big festival. Though we would have preferred to go at night, its hard with public transport when you cant find someone to drive you(...another story). Oh well, we will manage to check out a bit of it, that's what matters.
School starts back here on Tuesday. It will be nice to see some life around here. I will probably move out of the school next weekend, which will kind of be a nice change though it's a pain to pack up all my crap.
Well, now that this is a novel, I really am sorry, ok, not really, I will stop here. That's what happens when I wait almost 3 weeks. Oh well, take care everyone, look forward to seeing you all when i get home!


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Hey girl! Let me know if you'll be in Paris for any amount of time before you leave...I'm there now...Glad things are going well, and that trip with your dad sounds awesome!!!

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