Friday, March 31, 2006


Well, it has been a busy week I guess. Tuesday I went into the city stayed at Caitlins. We met up with a friend of mine for a drink that night and just relaxed at her place after. On Wednesday we didnt get up to tooo much during the day, but that night we had a last party with all the assistants because Lauras contract ends today. It was fun like usual, lots of food and drinks! It was a fun evening and great that EVERYONE could make it out! Last night I went out with Bernard for drinks and dinner. This morning to my surprise I received a BEAUTIFUL bouquet of roses....28 of them! WOW!!!! Wasn't expecting that one, especially from someone that I dont know that well.....krazyness....imagine! hehe, oh well, they look nice in my room. Nice Bday week. Tonight I think I am going to head to some concert about 20 kms away with Bernard and Laurent. French group that I dont really know. Tomorrow afternoon I will head to Bourges with Manola and tomorrow night I think Stephanie and I are going to head once again to the London's Club meet up with friends...supposedly the barman is interested(so Bernard told me)! hehe Well, have a great weekend everyone!!!!


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