Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Its getting sad

Well, I can't believe it is almost that time. Where has the time gone?? It feels like just last week that I was arriving here. I am getting more sad with each day that passes. I have been having a blast here. I'M SO SAD TO LEAVE!!!!!
I have gotten chummy with some of the students here which has been really nice. Everyone is super friendly which most have been from the start, but we just know each other better now.
Friday night I went to the London with Steffi around 10. Yes we have known each other from the start but I wish that we had really started to go out more from the start. For the last 3 weeks we have gone out once in the weekend. Anyway, it wasnt as busy as usual, a bunch of students were out which was fun. One of them started hitting on Steffi. Chatted with a bunch of them alot of the night. Bernard and Laurent showed up later on, played some darts, nothing really to write home about. One of my students that I chat with fairly regularily ended up being sick as a dog. Its funny, these guys reminded me of those days when you would just drink anything as long as you were getting drunk and for the sole purpose of getting drunk. One was drinking some shot that consisted of 2parts tequilla and one part coffee liqueur. Sure there are times with my friends that we drink to get drunk, but I drink what I enjoy and doesnt taste horrible. Ok, so I havent tried this drink, but it does NOT sound good.
Saturday morning I headed to Chateauroux. I met up with Lucy and Neha and we headed out to Tours for a little shopping then to Poitiers for a little party. This time we did not forget to bring music for the room like the last couple times. We didnt end up arriving in Poitiers till about 20h30 which was a lot later than planned. Oh well! get the showers started and the bottle opened. I had told Neha I would NOT get drunk until she was seeing as 1) the last time we were there she was sober and 2) she had yet to be drunk in France and is leaving Saturday! So Kim came over around 22h30 or 23h00. We still had not left and still had the music playing. Finally the hotel man came and knocked on our door and told us to be quiet. OOPS! About 3 minutes later he knocked again and we told him we were leaving. We had some good laughs after. We had tasks/goals for the evening. We headed out stopped at one bar to meet up with a couple people before heading to the bar we wanted to go to. We made it to the Pilori and the girls started on their tasks. I decided not to. So after about 5 minutes of being there Neha had chatted up some guy and got us each a free demi pĂȘche (beer with peach syrop for those that dont know). We did a little dancing on the dance floor (very small as it is more of a pub) and then Lucy got to work on her task. She got us each a free drink which was nice. This guy she was chatting to was quite old and a little creepy. Got another free demi pĂȘche from someone, thanks to the girls. After awhile I hadnt seen Lucy so I went upstairs to find her. She was in the toilets. She sounded fine told me she'd be down in a minute so off I went back downstairs. Neha decided to reach over the bar and pull out the bar towel from under a bunch of glasses then run and hide. The barman tracked her down and told her it was the first and last time he was going to warn her. Off she went back chattin up people. I headed back upstairs because Lucy had not returned. I got her to let me in. She was sick as a dog. I pulled back her hair and chilled in there with her. Poor thing! Finally someone knocked on the door asking if everything was alright and I replied with a yes of course. Didn't just get asked once so Lucy got a little agitated and told him to F off. Finally Kim came to the door and we changed places. I went back downstairs until Kim came and got Neha and I and told us that we had to take Lucy home. So off we went. Outside, there was Lucy. We all started walking home though Neha was busy chatting up some guy. Kim ended up going ahead with Lucy and I hung back with Neha. Kim ended up back at the hotel with Lucy making sure she was alright while I stayed with Neha to keep an eye on her. I got to chat with a bunch of new SUPER friendly people, friends of the dude. It was definitely a great night, minus Lucy getting sick and us not making it to the club. Oh well!
Oh I forgot!!!! Last weekend I tried driving stick for the first time and I didnt even stall!!! YEAH ME!!! Bernard took me for a little tour of the region. Got to see a lot that I wouldn't have seen with out a car. On our way back we stopped at the grocery store (which was closed) and I tried driving around the lot! I was so nervous of making a fool of myself that I didnt really want to do it because I thought I would embarrass myself, but Bernard made me. Im glad that I did. I had a good teacher.
Yesterday morning I went to the primary school again with Denis. I sang a little bit with them and then told them a bit about Easter in Canada. Seeing as they dont have the Easter bunny and it is the "cloche" (bell) that returns from Rome that hides the easter eggs in the garden. hahah!
They were all really sweet and a bunch of them had brought there cameras to take pictures of me and pics with me and them. As well, they all asked me for autographs, so I signed all of their English notebooks. hehe! Lastly, they had prepared me a little book where everyone either brought a picture of themselves or drew one and each person wrote a little note. It was so sweet and I was soooo touched that I wanted to cry.
As I have seen a lot of my classes for the last time, and continue seeing others for the last, I usually bring in some sweets for them and for a couple classes they even get drinks. Today I had one class that really pissed me off a lot because they talked WAY TOO much but I liked them anyway. It took like 20 minutes to explain what we were going to do. I was so frusterated and a little angry that I told them I was pissed off. One kid dared to ask right at the start if they were getting treats. I said at the rate they were going it was a NO! Finally we got through what I wanted to do and it wasnt much. It probably was only about 10 or 15 minutes and it took like 35. We played a quick round of hangman but with sentences not words, and one boy writes "Do you want to sleep with me?" as his sentence. haha, nice! Mine was "Some people are so annoying". - aka some of them. Finally they were all really sweet and appreciated that I had brought in treats for them. Some took my email and I got a few of theirs. The bell rang and everyone started heading out saying thank you and some of even said "bisous". Then some of them decided to come in and give me the bises, it was led my one of my favourites! :)
Oh what a day. A few of the girls invited me to go out with the to have a drink (im going to assume coke) with them at 14h00, so I guess I better get my stuff together seeing as it is now 13h31.
This was quite a lengthy post....sorry guys! Hope you are all well


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