Friday, May 26, 2006

almost a week...

Well, it has been almost been a week since I have been home and things are more or less back to normal. Ok, back to the way I left them, more or less. I have not spoken to a lot of my friends nor seen a lot of them. It's not the same here. My friends are not close and everyone seems to have a busy life. I am actually looking forward to starting work next week. I am excited to get doing something. I miss my life in France. People here are always so rushed. It's like you cant take the extra time to enjoy your meal. I keep forgetting that things are open past 19h/19h30 and that stores are open during lunch hour. It's different. Food seems to taste more bland, not enough zip to it. I guess you get use to it. It's just a change. I love seeing my family but my life overseas is missed. I wish I could live there and only have to travel an hour to visit my family. That would be the perfect set up. I have talked to a Bernard and a couple other friends in France since being home. I wish it was easier to be in touch, but with different schedules and the time change it makes things difficult. Today I was in the car and all I wanted to do was send an SMS. Two problems, I didnt have a cell phone and they don't always work internationally. I should write an email instead but that will just make me miss more.
I am getting my haircut with my sister tomorrow. Maybe i'll post a picture of the new me after.
Alright, that is all for now. Not much more going on here. Ciao!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey doll.

its strange that you are closer to me now and that i talk to you less. i work too much and have little access to the internet. anyways just wanted to say that i am thinking of you and still reading your blog. we need to get together soon. love ya. Amber

11:32 PM  

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