Sunday, June 18, 2006

Another weekend.....

Well, the weekend is almost was a busy one so far. Nice to keep busy and spend time with family. Friday night Lindsay and Rich came down for dinner and the weekend. Then yesterday we had a garage sale. It didn't go as well as mom had planned so it looks like she will be doing it again next weekend. It was an early morning and a long hot day. We went over to some friends after for a swim and to relax, ended up staying and having a little barbecue. It was fun to hang out there and we had some good laughs. Although I lost track of time and ended up getting home later than planned. I hate this stupid 6 hour time difference. J'en ai marre. Trying to figure out when to book my's looking like it will be on August 27th from Toronto and get in on the 28th in Paris. That's only 10weeks away. No, I'm not counting at all.... :) I dont know, it has just been a little hard in some ways since being home. For one, those so called friends that dont make an effort and just feeling like this isn't even home any more because of that. I know I will miss my family when I go back, but hey, they are like me...always travelling. Well, not Linds and Rich due to jobs but the folks.
Well, I'm off for now!! Cheers, take it easy everyone


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