Thursday, June 08, 2006

Taking care of myself

Well, things are going pretty well here. Still have not seen anyone which sounds really sad. I feel like it makes my life seem a little sad but oh well. I am not sad. I am fairly happy. I started work yesterday. The first tink I will enjoy my summer at CIC. I know it will get tedious and stressful but I will enjoy it. I am going to devote myself to this job and doing it well. The only downside to the job is being able to talk to a certain person in a certain country due to time change (damn you 6 hour difference).
I have also decided that this summer is going to be about me (ok, not in a selfish way and not only about me) . I am going to take care of myself(get in shape and make sure I feel good etc). I have finally got my ass in gear and started riding my bike though I think my next investment will be one of those gel seats for my bike. It's a little hard on the bum and I really should get a helmet before I have another biking accident (oops...wasn't going to mention that on here).
Well, I am starting to feel good. Not that I didn't before. I am happy. I feel relaxed, calm and comfortable with myself and my life.
Alright, enough. Cheers!


Anonymous French guy said...

Tu as raison, comme je te le disais par mail, prends soin de toi, il faut se préserver, c'est l'essentiel. Il faut penser aux autres, bien sûr, mais il ne faut pas que ça te "mange" le moral. Allez, gros bisous et continue de nous raconter tes histoires.

3:19 AM  

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