Monday, February 05, 2007

Something to write home about.

Well, it's been awhile since I wrote, no surprise there as I am not very on top of it of late. It's been two weeks now since I have written...lets start from the beginning and then get to what I am writing home about.
So, after Becca left I headed to La Chatre to Bernards place. It was a long journey....I decided I would take the night train to Paris and then arrive in Chateauroux aroun 11h00 to meet Bernard for lunch. Well, the train from Mulhouse was 3 hours late to Paris meaning I missed my correspondance, and had to wait another 2.5 hours in the Paris train station. Ugh....not impressed. It's even worse because I had debate whether or not to take the early morning train or the night train and I ended up arriving the same time I would have if I took the other train. Well, finally made it. I went to the highschool on Friday to meet Remi for lunch. Always enjoy that. Hung out with him for a bit and with Nicole then we went to Manolas for tea and cakes. We had a fairly relaxing weekend. The weather was nice while the snow melted away.
Bernard had his surgery on Tuesday so we spent a couple days at the clinic. This was for his nose, some sort of sinus problem I guess, not sure how to describe it. Arrived early Tuesday morning and left Wednesday morning. I went to Remi's place for lunch as he doesn't live too far from there. I miss him being around. Great friend, always fun to chat with and hang out with. Bernard was fairly groggy after the anesthesia, but we just chilled and I kept him company. The room was so hot that night making it not very nice for sleeping. I dont think either of us slept much, though for Bernard it may have been partically due to pain and for me partially due to his breathing as his nose was blocked. Oh well, I spent the next few days taking care of him as he couldn't do much let alone work. By the weekend he was good. Got the stitches and some sort of interieur "cast" taken out on Friday...I dont know, French medical terms.....And to end the week we had a nice dinner out at the Chinese restaurant.
Saturday I went to Bourges with Nicole and Manola. Did a little shopping, not much though. Had a nice girls day out!!
Get ready for the big news....Sunday we headed to Paris. We were going to leave early, though that didn't happen. We got on the highway and off we were....Bernard asked me to drive after a little bit.....this is a French car, station wagon, stick (manual) car. I've been learning, practicing so it was no big worry, especially on the highway. So we drive and we are starting to get into the city, still on the highways. Ok, ok Erin you are fine! Next thing you know I'm being told to exit the highway.....for those that don't know, my weak point was always starting.....haha, that first take off when you have to balance the accelerator and the clutch. Well, off we went down a boulevard in Paris.....stop light after stop light and I'm doing fine!!!! YEAH ME!!!! I drove through Paris....and I don't mean just the outskirts, but along the Seine past the musee d'Orsay, past les Invalides to a Parking looking out at the Eiffel Tower......almost at the parking....talking to Bernard....he comments on my clean driving with not really any stop light means go.....oh no.....i stalled....horns start honking, I start to takes Bernard telling me to restart the he said, "spoke too soon". Well, I did it! I drove in Paris with an manual car and really didn't make any big mistakes!!! I'm so happy and proud of myself. I think that is an accomplishment.
Well, now I am back in Mulhouse, back to work....counting down the weeks till the holidays....only 3 weeks! Horrible, I know. Then I will be counting down the days till I come home for vacation. Oh yea, guess I haven't mentioned. Got my ticket home and Bernard is coming!!!! Yipee! We fly in on the 5th of April. He will stay for 10 days and I for 3 weeks. It is so exciting!!! We are really looking forward to it.
Well, I think that is all the news here for now. I'm sure this is getting too long anyway, chat soon! Cheers