Saturday, November 26, 2005


Well, I just got home about 25minutes ago from an evening at my friend Sophals. I went to her house for dinner and to spend the evening. I had a good time. She is actually the same age as me though I thought she was a little bit younger. Her husband is very nice also. We chatted a lot, which is good for both of us because we both want to improve our french. When we went outside for them to drive me home, it was snowing, and there was actually some on the ground! That made me happy!!! Sure, it's not as cold as back home and I love that part, but it's snow!!!!! YIPEEE!!!!

Friday, November 25, 2005

Oh Happy Day...Oh Happy Days!! (sung)

Well, Friday night, up late, should get to bed! But the last few days...Wednesday night I headed to the city because Thursday I had a type of seminar, workshop, info session with a bunch of other english assistants. I was dreading it beacause the last one did not turn out to be soooo productive. I am happy to say that this day was a success! I am so glad I was there. I got so many great lesson ideas and it was great to meet people and hear their stories. It was a great day, plus we got out early! To top it off, THANKSGIVING!!! Ok, well, american thanksgiving, but thanksgiving nonetheless. We had a big meal at caitlin & jess's with turkey and mashed potatoes. That wasnt all though. TONS of great food and even biscuits! Homeade ones! Lots of dessert too. What is the one thing that seems missing in this picture! Wine, wine wine! It was just a blast. There were about 18 of us there and even drew hand turkeys. haha. The only two downsides to the couple days away were that when i took the bus all the way to this store on the otherside of town to get a cheap dvd player, I was told (even though the model # matched the one on the internet to the one in the store) they hadnt gotten the cheap ones in yet. Uggh, oh well! The second thing is the bus schedule homme to la chatre to be there for my 930 class. Well, lets look at the options, considering it is a 45minute ride, first one at 625am and next one at 10am. Well, looks like Im shit out of luck...625 it is!
Once I got home, after my 4.5 hours of sleep, unlike what most people would do, I didnt go back to bed. I thought about it for a second, but I was just so eager to make my lesson plan so much better than what i had. So there I started working away on my lessons to make them better. I dont know what happened, but something at that seminar mad me really want to be a good assistant. I want the kids to enjoy coming to my class though it can be hard at times. And yes there are my bad days, but I really do love it here. This day just made me realise things and Im glad I was there.
I am very happy, and todays classes were great! Woot, got love france, and saying "kisses" at the end of converstaions, phone calls, emails etc! Caitlin and I decided we would try and take this back home with us, but dont think that it'll fly that well back home. Hehe
Tonight i want to the movies, saw "Les chevaliers du ciel" a french film. I enjoyed though I think I missed a few things. Tomorrow laundry and to someones for dinner. Then Sunday, working on lesson plans. I know it sounds so fun! :p
I was thinking today, and if anyone is insterested in sending something, here is a suggestion, a mixed cd of some good tunes, new old whatever. Would love to hear some good music.
I hope everyone is doing well, 3 weeks till Christmas holidays for me! Meeting up with Mitsuko(from Japan) in Paris and then heading to Spain for 10days before heading back to Paris to meet up with Darcie! Its going to be a great holiday!
Keep in touch, and feel free to write whenever!
I forgot this, on my the way to the movie it looked like it was snowing, the melt when it hits the ground type. Snow nonetheless, I was happy. And on my way home I saw a car pass that had snow on the hood!!! Woot woot...
To make life even better, in 3 weeks I am on holidays!!!
***oh, sidenote*** it is 230am here and im still up. I just got a phone call, and I really didnt realize who it was at first but i know who it was. One of the guys I met in Poitiers a few weeks ago. We have sent some texts, but nice of him to call!
Anyway, holidays in 3weeks, Ill be heading to Paris to meet Mitskuko(from Japan) for the weekend before I fly out to Spain where I will spend 10 days before I meet Darcie in Paris! I cant wait for the holidays, should be a great time!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Woot...Paris & Family!!!

Well, I had a great weekend. I headed to Paris on Saturday morning bright and early on the 7AM train from Chateauroux. Ugh....way too early for my liking. Anyway finally met up with Linds & Rich at the hotel in Paris. While I waited for them I had the old hotelman/owner hitting on me which really wasnt that pleasant. It was slightly creepy actually. Oh well, we headed out to tour around town and see some sights once we got some food in our bodies. Got some food then headed around. It was awesome to spend time with them. After a day of touring, we grabbed some crepes and then went to the grocery store to get some snacks and wine. We sat in their room drinking wine and eating cheese and bread. It was good times. Sunday we did some more touring, climbed up the 700 steps to the second floor of the Eiffel Tower. It was a great time. We stopped at Luxembourg park to have some food and relax. Had crackers cheese cookies and wine. Oh what a life!!!! I headed back to La Châtre that night and they made their way on to Blois. They came to La Châtre last night and we met up and they came over to my place for dinner and wine. It was a great night. The best night I have spent in La Châtre yet!!! We drank 3 bottles of wine had some bread and cheese, some pasta and played cards! It was so fun! So glad they came! Last night was a blast! Can't wait till the cleaning lady goes to empty my garbage and sees the 3 empty wine bottles in it! haha
I am going to the city tomorrow night I think, have a long crap day on Thursday some type of orientation thing and then THANKSGIVING DINNER at Caitlins! Ok, so its not Canadian Thanksgiving, but I can pretend it is! Atleast Ill get a great meal and be with friends to enjoy the night!
I hope all is well at home, cause things are well here. Keep writing, and keep smiling :D

Thursday, November 17, 2005

With a bad day comes a great day!

Well, yesterday I had a not so great day. It happens to me from time to time, but I think that it is normal considering everything. I get over it and all is good.
Today has been a great day besides the fact that I still have a sore throat (that started yesterday) and I didnt get the best sleep last night despite this new pillow. I think that compared to my other one it is just so big and I get a sore neck. That is not fun in the morning. I was super tired this morning and not overly thrilled to have to teach. But off I went to class. I had 8 girls that are in the "secretary" stream of school. It was my first class with them. I met the entire class last week and everyone was very nice and there was even a girl that is 21 in it. So today class was at 930-1030. After class the 21 year old (who wasnt in my class this week, but next week) was outside the room. I stopped and chatted with her for a few minutes. She is from Cambodia and has been living in France for 4 years now. She is very nice and asked for my number and told me that she will invite me over to dinner at her house next weekend because I will be in Paris this weekend. She has an English friend who lives here in La Châtre(married a frenchie) who she has talked to about me as well as her "husband", yes she is married, and they all want to meet me. I am soooooo excited!!!! I can't express how happy I feel knowing that I am going to meet ppl that are about the same age as me and just be able to chat and enjoy an evening or afternoon. She is such a sweetheart. There was another student there while we were chatting and I felt really bad for her because she said that the other students make fun of her and dont like her. She has epilepsy and has a slight paralization(if that makes sense) in the right side of her body. She is a sweet girl and its sad to think how young people can be cruel. I know it happens everywhere, but I still dont like to see it. I have noticed it in one of my other classes too, where the one girl seems to be left out a bit. I just want to take those kinds of ppl under my wing sometimes.
Anyway, just had word that I might have to be observed in one of my classes. OMG....i dont want to do that. I will be sooo unbelievably nervous if someone is sitting in on one of my classes especially if it is a stranger. Ugh....I cant do it! hehe, I just better know ahead of time and have a damn good lesson plan ready for it. If not, all i can say is uh-oh!!!!
Saw some of my other students in the halls today. They are just soooo cute! One of the guys says to the other when he doesnt say hello to me, something along the lines of, "buddy arent you going to say hi, its the assistant" hehe!!!
Today is a good day and I know that there is more good than bad, but sometimes on bad days I just cant help but focus on the bad. I keep trying!!!!
Oh man....a funny thing, that kind of made me say "uh-oh, what did I do that night" was today going to luch with a couple teachers and the one (not sure if i know his name) says to me "how's it going" then says to the other teacher "we ran into each other in Poitiers". SHIT!!!! pardon my french, but unless it is the one person I think it was, then I dont remember but even if it was the person I think it was...still feel like a bit of an idiot. Just thinking back to that night. Oh well, nothing I can change now and I had a GREAT night!!!! Did NOTHING wrong. Just drank and chatted then danced up a storm on the dance floor. Goot times!!!!
hehe, there is a guy i see in the hall wearing a purple scarf. Would any of you guys back home where one???

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Saturday night...

Note, thanks to Crystal

Just reading through other friends blogs and Crystal makes a REALLY GOOD POINT! Christmas is coming soon and because I also live at the school, during the holidays December 17th to January 3rd I will NOT be able to receive mail. And I most likely will not be here either even if I could get it. So like she said, if you are possibly thinking of sending something, send it early. Give it 2 weeks. Not that this is a hint to send something, but doesnt hurt. Should I give my address again?!? Or is that pushing it too far??? Oh, it cant hurt.
25 avenue George Sand
36400 La Châtre

Got a new pillow, yipee!!!

Ok, so yea, highlight of my day is getting a new pillow. Well, last night I was ill (Caitlin makes fun of me because I say ill alot now instead of sick...i think its the frenchies rubbing off on me because the other day the teacher said ill, anyway). I think I ate something that didnt agree with me last night because around 3am I was up and not feeling sooo hot. And then again around 430. Ugh, not a good night, did NOT get much sleep at all and then had to get my ass out of bed around 730 to catch the bus at 808 to go to the city for my medical. This is not because I am sick for those of you askin, it is a routine thing in order to get your resident permit here. So off I went, got my xrays done, which after hearing peoples horror stories were perfectly fine. Had a woman technician to my xrays and everyone was super nice. Even got to keep the xray as a souvenir. Has my name on it, the time and place it was done. Pretty cool! hehe!
Why did I buy a new pillow and why is it sooo exciting?? Well, the one provided to me is like a roll. Similar to a tube, about 12inches in diametre and 2.5/3feet long. Not the most comfy thing.
So this past weekend i ended up findin myself out on a little road trip with Lucy and Neha! Lucy has a car which is a HUGE bonus around here. We headed out Friday morning to Tours, stopped in Loches a nice little town and then spent a couple hours in Tours. Not really site seeing there, but shopping. No I didnt buy anything there. Late afternoon we headed out to Poitiers. That night we were going to grab a drink then head to dinner, but dinner did not quite happen. We ended up staying in the bar we were at for quite awhile. Lucy and I got a pitcher for 7euros!!! Woooo! Then we got another beer and a shot for 2.50euros. They had holiday specials on. It was good. We then headed out to a couple other places forgeting about dinner as it was about 1030 when we left the first place. We had a good night got a little drunk when we got home we pigged out on what was supposed to be breakfast, as well as the handfulls of candy we took from the reception basket. The next morning Neha and I slept late while Lucy went to meet her boyfriend and his parents for lunch. Neha and I did a LITTLE tour of the city and then got some lunch. We met back up with Lucy did a little shopping and then decided to dye my hair. Anyone want to guess what colour???? I stained the hotel towel because after 40 minutes in the shower the colour still wasnt all out. I dont get it. Anyway, we headed out to grab food, which didnt really happened as planned. We got fries at some little kebab place and ate them while enjoying our bottles of booze from the grocery store, in the streets. Then we went across the street to the bar to meet up with Kim and another girl, Lucys friends. We had a drink, played some pool, that lasted a good 40minutes and then went to another bar to meet up with Kims husband and friends. FRENCH PEOPLE!!!! WOOOOO!
When we first got there all these guys didnt seem tooo receptive to us. That changed. They were all super nice and made a huge effort to chat with all of us. It was really nice. They eventually started buying us our drinks instead of us buying them, which I wont complain about and then one of them bought a bottle of vodka and caramel syrup for shots. Ohla, trouble. So there we caramel shots(i thought they were quite tastey) and beer, with the previous 750ml bottle of smirnoff ice. Ugh, not a big fan of that.
So we stayed there quite late and the ladies wanted to go to Quick(which is like McDonalds) for food and then home. All the guys were going to some club and I wanted to go dance. So I piled into this teeny car lying across all their laps on the way to the club. Oh how I dont like cars when drunk. NO I was NOT sick! So we got there, I checked my coat AND purse because I wasnt aloud to take it in with me. So there I was taking all my bank cards/credit cards French and Canadian out of my wallet. People were looking at me asking what I was doing....sorry, I dont trust it. Off we went into the first room of the club. I was soooo excited to dance. These guys were so nice and took care of me. Asked if I wanted a drink, which I said "Ill just take a glass of water please" (probably the best thing I did all weekend). We ventured over to the second room and then back to the first. It was sooo much fun. Outside with one of the guys, he found 5euros on the ground and gives it to me. I was like buddy, you found it. But he insisted he makes more money than I do so I got 5euros. I met some random guy outside and talked for about 2minutes and exchanged #s, I will most likely never see this guy again, and i cant even confirm 100% if he was really that cute. Then getting my coat back there was a REALLY cute guy that I chatted with. That one i know for sure was cute. Oh well, off we went to Quick at 430am, me lying across the laps. I really didnt want to go there, but i didnt have a lot of choice. And then after they got there food we went back to this one guys place. All I wanted to do was sleep. Oh well, he had THE CUTEST dog EVER! I fell in love instantly. I wanted to take him home with me. I had him climb up on my lap with me and sit. We were soo cute!! haha
Finally around 530 we headed out. They drove me home where I crashed and had to be up at ugh....1030. I was pretty hungover that morning, but not as bad as someone else who was sick....
It was good times. Tonight, it will be an early one. Still catching up from the weekend and after last night, Im even more tired. Keep sendin the emails, love hearing from you guys!

Sunset from my room last week

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

a little good...a little bad

Ugh....i have to really learn to just write my bloody blog and post it and not do other things. I just lost my long post because of that. So bitter. Anyway, I hope i can remember everything.
So I came back in here after dinner to find another person in here, with the lights. So I didnt want to turn them on although it would be a lot better for my poor little eyes.
So, another week is almost done. Friday is a stat holiday, a holiday similar to our remembrance day and no school. Who can complain! I have one class tomorrow at 930 with students I dont know. Its my first time with this class and with this teacher, so I really dont know what he is expecting. I forgot that they dont have school in the afternoons on Wednesday(today) so I didnt come down till late and I missed seeing him to ask. I guess I'll just prep something. Intros will be the first thing on my list. hehe
So Monday I only ended up having 2 hours of class. The first hour just 4 students and the second a full class. They both went pretty well, but not amazing. That day will be a BIG post. Tuesday, yesterday, I had also 2 hours. I started at 830 and my first class was 4 boys from Terminale STT which is like our grade 12, and if Im not mistaken, STT is some scientific/technological direction. (man, i want to stop for a minute and do something else, i think i am a little ADD, but i have to keep myself writing till im done) Anyway, this class went really well. The boys actually worked well and were willing to try and speak English. I loved it. We had some funny moments, like I handed them a blank piece of paper which I do with all the classes which I was not given a class list for and asked them to write their names. One of the guys either didnt hear or was confused about what i was asking. One of the others joked and said his address, and then I said actually, I want to get your phone numbers. haha, we had a good laugh over that one. The second hour, 930 class, class of 2nde, our grade 10, was not as good. They were not at all motivated and when I gave them a little bit of work to do, some of them didnt do it, so I tried to put them on the spot.
I ran into their teacher today and we got chatting. First about the 830 class, and he said they had enjoyed the hour and they are pretty keen on coming back again. haha. The prof actually said he is going to send the ones that want to go because there seem to be some that really dont care to go. Oh well, Id rather have the keen ones. And then about the 930 class, he said to give him what we worked on in class so he can kind of grill them on what we did. Unfortunately, I didnt do a whole lot that day in class. Oops, oh well, next time I will. hehe.
Oh...yesterday at lunch in the canteen, Guillaume, remember the teacher that gave me his number and I found a little creepy, came in and sat down. I just tried to ignore him. He really didnt say much to me. I didnt want to look at him for fear of catching eyes and him saying something about getting together. Either he got the point, or he didnt say anything because there were other teachers around. Oh well, coast is clear for now!
Darn...there was something else that now I am forgetting. That is so frusterating.
Monday night I went to the movies. I was going to go Sunday, but it ended up being Monday. I saw "Don't Come Knocking" which was in English with subtitles. I was debating going to see one tonight, but I will wait till Monday I think. I am going to go atleast once a week I think, and I think its better if I see movies in French. We'll see what happens.
Oh for those of you that have been watching the news as was brought up in a comment, alot has been happening in France. No need to worry to much about me here. Things in my little town seem to be pretty quiet. One good thing about the small town I guess.
I remember now!!!! WOOT! So I got a letter today telling me when my medical appointment is. I have to go to Chateauroux next Tuesday morning for it. Yes, I get to take my shirt off(and bra) for the Xray technician and him alone. No other person in the room....thats further than I will have gotten in a long time. haha, hope he's cute. Ok, Im just kidding. Hehe!
I looked at the calander today because I feel like Christmas holidays are so far away. They arent really, only 5 weeks. And then I counted my hours and if I wasnt mistaken, I only have 40hours. haha! I wish I could just do all of those in one week and get them done, but things dont work that way here.
I am looking to head south for Christmas. And south for me is not the Carribean, but SPAIN!!! I think that is looking like where I will end up. Should be good . Cant wait. But even more so, cant wait till next weekend when Lindsay & Rich get here!!! It'll be so nice to see a part of home. Woohoo!
I guess this is enough for now, I should get movin on to a few other things here. Hope everyone is well. If you are interested in seein pics just ask and I'll hook you up, miss you all

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Back to life

Just finishing my first weekend after the holidays. I had 3 classes on Friday and they all seemed to pretty well. I was happy with them. I headed into the city early afternoon and met up with some other assistants. We went to another town, Le Blanc, where Lucy lives for the night. We had a nice big dinner and then watched a movie had some wine and enjoyed a girls night. It was fun. The next day before heading straight back to the city we checked out a couple cute little towns including St Gaultier and Argenton Sur Creuse. Had dinner at Rosy's and some drinks then went to this "African" dance show. That was different and neat. And here I am back in town debating on what I will do with my lessons this week, though I have an idea and I think I will go see a movie (Wallace & Gromit) tonight in town. I sent a text to Steph, but havent heard back. That's not till 830 though. Just going to finish up some laundry now and relax. We have Friday off this week, some stat holiday so that will be nice. Got to love the French holidays!!!

Trip Part 2

Alright, so back to the trip. The morning after our night out in Köln we wanted to get up for the breakfast which was served 7 - 10. It didn't work out as planned. There was no way I was getting out of bed for it, although we tried. We managed to get moving by 11 or 11:30. We grabbed some food and headed to the cathedral to take a look. Oh man, what an impressive place. If I am not mistaken it is the tallest in Germany. Feeling a little hungover, I thought we would take the day easy. That was the plan. While walking through we saw a sign for the tower. Only 1euro to go up. "What a deal!!!" Well, not thinking we started our trek up. Maybe 5minutes in I was not sure if it was good idea. I think Olivia's thoughts were similar to mine. We eventually made it to the top. My legs were sore and I was regretting not having my water bottle with me. I was really glad that we made the climb though because it was amazing up there. The view of the city and to think that we were up in the top of the tower. Over 500 steps to get there. That was krazy. It being Sunday, there was not tons of stuff open. I didnt mind. We toured around town looking at all the different monument/architecture around town. There is so much history and it is nice city. Our last stop was the "chocolate" museum. For all of you who know me well, you know that I would NOT miss this. Oh man, it was great. Not enough samples though. haha
We stopped somewhere for dinner. We were both very thirsty and although we know it is usually cheapest to order beer over here, we wanted water. Not bottled, just tap, but that we did NOT get. We got a half litre bottle of water that ended up costing 5.50 euros. OMG....thats like 8CAD. NOT cool. Anyway, that was that, we learnt our lesson. We definitely had an early night and made it to breakfast the next morning.
We headed to Bonn for the day, and it was really a shitty day for visiting a city because it was pissing rain. Ugh! We started out at the tourism office to find a map. We got that and started out on one of the "marked" walking tours. It gave us somewhere to start and took you to the main places. Again, becuase it was Monday most things were closed. We started out at Beethovans birth house which now is also partially a museum too. That was really neat and interesting. From there, walking down a side street, we decided to venture into a clothing store. Yes, I was NOT the purpose of this trip, but it was rainy and freezing cold. My jean jacket wasnt really cutting it. So I splurged and bought myself a long black cute winter coat. And...there is fur on the hood. I never thought that I would buy a coat with fur. It does come off if I really dont want it, but its cute. I was very happy with my purchase which was only 40 euros. There were some really nice places in Bonn despite the shitty weather. We went to the botanical gardens also and unfortunately they did not have the giant lilly pads that are talked about. That night we got back to our hotel around 10 I think, either way not that late, and our little hotel man asks "what happened" wondering why we were home so early. haha! We were tired and had to get up early. We headed out to visit a castle not too far from the city then hopped on a train to Amsterdam. We stayed at my friend Annas, who was an exchange student in Winnipeg back in highschool. We hadnt seen each other in 3 years and it was great to see her. Olivia and I toured the city, Anna had class but we'd meet up with her when she was available. We went to Anne Franks house which I missed out on the last trip I made. We also went to Rembrants house and checked out the red light district. We took a canal cruise which was really neat. Listened to the explanation in about 5 languages Haha. We went to the "sex museum" which I am still asking why, but oh well. The best candy store, although the devil "Jammin'" was great times and always cheaper than I expected. The market there was also really good and I bought myself a scarf....or a couple. hehe. We spent a total of 3 nights there and on the 28th headed down to Den Haag(The Hague). We stayed at the "stayok" hostel. The first day we toured around the city, went to the MC Escher museum and took some pictures with some random statues. That night we had a beer at dinner and grabbed another for 42 euro cents at the grocery store. It was a pretty early night and if you are ever there I advise you to AVOID the red light district in this town. Olivia and I decided to check it out because the one in Amsterdam was kind of neat, but NEVER again. It was the sketchyist place ever. They probably thought we were prostitutes because we were the ONLY females walking through and all these men just looking in the windows and whatnot.
The second day there, the 29th, we headed out to Delft(where "delftware" is made - look it up if you want to know what it is, not explainin :P) in the morning. I really enjoyed this little town and we saw an old windmill which made me very happy. In the afternoon we headed to the beach. Wow!!!! Impressive! A really nice beach and a huge pier which was really nice. I'd love to head back in the summertime.
That evening we met a girl from New Zealand in our room and the 3 of us decided to head out for a drink. There was this square just full of bars and they all had tables out in the middle of the square. Right away we met a couple dutch guys and then one of them brought two more of his friends. We all sat at a table together as they were hard to get and had some beers. Everytime Olivia and I went into use the bathroom in one bar we would start busting a move. They just had good tunes playing and it had been sooooo long. Around 12 or a bit after we headed to a club. The "trojan horse". Someone had given us a flyer earlier and why not go, we wanted to danse. It was definitely a GREAT night. The guys we met were super nice. My consensus on dutch people is that they are so nice.
That night when we got back to the hostel, I ended up not feeling so well. I guess I didnt really realize how much I was drinking. Oh well. That night the clocks changed back. Olivia and I had both though we changed ours and woke up in the morning at 9:10(by our watches) to get breakfast. Little did we realize, it was 8:10. Grrr, I was a hurting unit. We headed out around 10 to Rotterdam and had to wait till noon to get into our room. We met a Canadian there while waiting and the 3 of us headed out around town. We saw the famous "cube" houses. They were neat. We chilled at the skatepark and just watched for about 1.5 hours. Some of those people are amawing. We returned home after a day out and showered. Met another Canadian in our room and then decided to all do dinner in the hostel. Easiest idea. At dinner we met 3 other Canadians. We all ended up hanging out in the hostel and then met 2 Aussies. A few of us split ways and I went with a bunch of ppl to the skatepark where we ran around in the half pipe and then went to a bar for a bit. It being a Sunday night, not that great, but oh well. The next morning Olivia and I split ways and I went to Antwerp for the day before heading to Lille France where I met up with Crystal(another Canadian assistant). I spent the night with her, then toook the train home. Before the train I saw my friend Mathilde who I met when I went to highschool here back in the day. It was nice to see her, although it was tooo brief. I met up with Caitlin in Paris and took the train back with her to Chateauroux. We grabbed a drink with some other assistants and then had dinner at Lauras place. I spent the night there then made my way back here to La Châtre. So there you have it....that was my trip! Such a great time!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Beers in Cologne

Here are a couple pics from the first night out in Cologne. Hopefully Ill have more when I get them from Olivia.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Trip Part 1 (well, day 1 - haha)

Home safe and sound in good old La Châtre! Well, I made it through my first French holidays as an assistant. Imagine, having a 10 day vacation after having not even worked 40 hours. Well, technically I had 3 weeks done already, but barely worked.
Anyway, I left La Châtre on Friday the 21st of October and headed into the city. I spent the night there at Caitlins. She had a bunch of the assitants over for the night. It was a blast sittin around having some drinks and chatting.
So, my train to Paris left Saturday morning. I almost missed the damn thing, because Im stupid and looked at the time schedule booklet and NOT the ticket. I thought the train was at 11h50 but it was at 11h42. Luckily I realized and started to run, and also luckily it was a couple minutes late. I made it to Paris got the metro to the other station where I was to wait for Olivia. In the mean time there I saw a guy with the Canada flag on his pack so headed over to say hello. We chatted for a bit and I helped him get some hostel info. Yipeeeee my french came in handy!! hehe
I finally met up with Olivia got on the train and we were OFF to Cologne (Köln). I started out sitting beside a german woman and her "cute as a button" son. They spoke NO english or french. I eventually moved to Olivias car and we played some cards and chatted. Arrived in Köln around 8, got of the train and went to find a place to stay. Standing in the station, I turned around to face the windows and BAM cathedral in my face. Definitely an amazing building! So we hit up the tourism office who found us a cute little hotel for 40euros 5minutes from the train station. We headed over there to drop off our stuff before headin out to find a beer. We arrived there, greeted by the CUSTEST little old man ever. He was the night shift man. We relaxed for a few and then off we went for what turned out to be one of the biggest adventures I have had in Europe since I arrived. We wandered around, and found the shopping area. OMG...wish I was made of money. Anyway, we found a big tent with a festival so we decided to check it out. It was a Turkish/German festival, or something along those lines. We took a walk through and found a little carpted area where everyone took there shoes off before walking on (including children) and they all sat around smoking hookahs. Haha, that was pretty hilarious. We continued on our hunt for a beer. Saw a couple places, but they didnt really call out to us, so the walk continued. We finally found a street with a few bars. We loooked in a couple before makin our decision. The one we decided on reminded me of BP on Clifton hill a little. They had that dance groove game, and it made me laugh at a few ppl I will leave annonymous. You know who you are :P So we sat down , prolly around 930PM, ordered a couple beers and chilled. Next we upped the size of the beer. Oh man....eventually we decided to order a pizza. Mmm so good, and only 4.70. This old man was looking at us most of the night. Probably partially because we were speaking English. Anyway, a couple guys came and stopped and talked to us. They eventually sat down with us and chilled. Ok, so the one guy was definitely a little too creepy. The two of them had never been out together, and I would advise the nice one(Philipp) that I was talking to mainly, NOT to go out with the other again. I went to the washroom at one point which was downstairs, and when I came out the creepy guy (I dont know his name) was standing out there waiting. "Wierd" is the first thought that came to my mind. Anyway, I stopped and talked to him and told him lets go upstairs when he tried, (or asked memory is a little fuzzy) to kiss me. I was like "hells no" and told him lets go upstairs. So we started walking and he stops at this race car thing and asks me to just have "one minute". Yo, buddy did you not hear me the first time....i said NO, get lost! I was ready to hit him where it hurts! hahah, yes i have some take down training. So we went back upstairs and sat at our table. Thank goodness he wasnt sitting beside me. Anyway, next thing you know this guys hittin on Olivia. CREEP! So she went to chat with the old guy. I went over for a second with her and we chatted. He supposedly has a brother in Kitchener or something. Kinda funny. So anyway, the time at the bar pretty much ended after she had a coffee with that guy while I chatted with Philipp. I dont think his girlfriend was a big fan of me. Her and her friend were there too. I had NO intentions, just having a friendly convo.
So we headed out from there around 130am or so and wanted to get a phone card. We found a store around to and bought the WORST phone card I have ever had in my life. In the store we met a few Americans. They left but one of them came back in to ask if we wanted to grab a beer with them, so we did. The two of us really did NOT need another drink, but oh well. So we hung out with these two guys and one girl, all americans in the army, livin in germany. I got myself a little souvenir and we headed out around 3 or so I think. We ran into some more ppl in the street on our walk home. They were super nice german dudes who couldnt find there car. We chatted for a while and had some little man telling us to be quiet. In the apartment above we could see something going on in there. Next thing you know, this guys comes to the window, naked we think, asking for a blowjob. Oh man...people are wierd. We all had a good laugh. We continued on our way till we found phones, around 430am and attempted to use our 10 euro phone card. The payphones were askin for more money. What a piss off. I was yellin at the phones and everything. So we continued on our way and tried one more time in the train station. Some nice German guy from Aachen tried to help us there. We chatted with him and his friends for awhile. They had been in Köln to party and were waitin to take the train home. Off we went back to the hotel.
It is now 530am when we ring the bell at the hotel and our little old man comes to open it. The first thing he says "you got lost". He's so cute! He thought we got lost in the city, but we told him no, we were just out. hehe.
Headed quickly upstairs to our room to find our nice comfy beds with great down filled blankets on our bed...and off to sleep around 6am. Zzzzzzzzz!

OK, so as I was writing this I had to change the title! I realized how long day one was taking, that I had to split this up. I will work on it again tomorrow and probably friday too. hehe. So here is PART 1.