Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Vive les vacances

Les vacances....well, I am currently at Bernards place in La Châtre. I got here on Friday night with Jenn after a terribly long train ride. For some reason it seemed longer than usual and the train stations in Paris were crazy, not to mention the metro. Saturday we went to the city to a couple stores and I ended up buying jeans(which need to be hemmed) and a sweater. That night we went where else but the London's Club. Yea, not a lot of places to go to here in town, I like it. Sunday we headed to SuperBesse, the mountains, about 2.5hours south of here. The weather was nice and sunny once we got up there. There were lots of people for Christmas Eve(the big meal). We ate well, fois-gras(pan fried), turbo(fish), deer(cerf), cheese and bûche de noël. Oh I can't forget the wine. After dinner there was some dancing, though Jenn was tired and went to bed....mind you we didn't finish dinner till after midnight. The next day we slept in and woke up to a beautifully warm sunny Christmas day. We had a nice lunch before heading home. Wish we could have stayed up in the mountains because the weather was so much nicer up there....heading down we ran into fog...grey skies....blah.
Jenn headed back to Mulhouse yesterday and Bernard and I went to his sisters for the apéro. They got me a cute little bracelet. Really sweet of them. Today Bernard is working, and I'm being lazy around the house....actually now waiting for Bernard to get home...he should have been here 45minutes ago....his nieces and mom came by this afternoon, Melodie got an mp3 player but there computer is from the stoneage and doesnt have a USB plug so came over here to do some downloading and whatnot. Nice to have some company.
We leave for Spain on Saturday morning and get back on Tuesday afternoon. Next Wednesday we will go over to Manolas for raclette!!! Mmmmm. Although the night is going to be English, as Nicole(the new assistant at the highschool) and her boyfriend will be there, Bernard says we can't pass up a raclette. This is'd be crazy to do such a thing. Plus it will get him a little prepped for his English "stage" (training course) which starts on the 8th.
Well, I'm going to get going here. I'm getting a little hungry....and I need to get ready as we are going to a movie with the nieces tonight.
Take care everyone, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!
Finally, he's home!!!!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Quite some time..

Well, it has been quite some time now since I have written. I thought I better get to it. Well, two weekends ago, December 1st I went to the zoo here in Mulhouse. Jenn had a friend visiting but she had to work so I went with her. It ended up being a lot colder that day than I had dressed for. I feel that happens to me every day here. If it's cold, I'm not dressed warm enough and if it's warm I'm over dressed. No happy medium. Other than the cold the zoo was quite amusing and reasonably priced (as last year I paid 16 euros for a zoo). Robin and I had a good laugh or some little monkeys. I'll just leave it at that...we spent some time trying to get a good photo. haha.
That Saturday we went to Strasbourg(even though I had just been there) for the day. Did a little bit of shopping though failed at finding Christmas gifts. It was a nice day, and that night Jenn, Robin and I headed out to the salles des coffres(our local club). It was quite a fun night. Not the usual whatsoever. It's funny because there was a group of 17year olds behind us in line. They were really nice and I did dance with them for a bit. hehe, funny night. Sunday of course was more or less a write off.
This past weekend I headed to Lille to see some old friends from highschool when I did my exchange in Douai France. I left here after classes Thursday evening and got up there around 00h15. I was exhausted from the long trip. Mathilde met me at the station and we went back to her place. I spent the first night at her place. We talked until the weee hours of the morning and then slept till noon. Didn't get dressed until about 16h. Corinne came over after work around 14h30 and we just hung out. We didn't leave the apartment till about 19h(I think) when we went out for dinner. That night I went to Corinnes place. The next morning Marie came to meet us. I hadn't seen those girls in over 4 years. We met up with Mathilde and went to the Christmas market and some shops in town. Then had a quiet evening with dinner infront of the tv and a movie. Sunday the 3 of us went to a market and went on the ferris wheel they had set up for Christmas. It was a fun weekend. I got back on Monday evening after a long trip. It was really great to see the girls. They haven't changed that much. Hehe. I hope that we will get to see each other again soon.
This week I have just been working. Have to finish up my marking and get that handed in. I seem to have lots of little things that need to get done. I went to a fashion show at the school, in one of the other departments last night after class with one of my students. Someone had bought a ticket and couldn't go, so he gave me his ticket and I went with the other guy. It was nice of him to give me the ticket. It was a bloody long day though....I started class at 8h30 and I didn't get home till about 19h45. Oh well. I have really enjoyed work this week. More than usual. I don't know why. Oh well.
I have to decide whether or not I am staying on next year. This decision has to be made before the break. It's hard having to make a decision for something that is 8 months away. I mean...I have only been here for not even 4 months....I understand that they need to recruit early....I remember the hell I went through to get my visa....NOT FUN!
I am looking forward to getting away for a bit for the break. I am heading to Bernards. Jenn is coming with me for Christmas. I couldn't imagine being all alone in Mulhouse for Christmas. Anyway, we are going to the mountains for Christmas Eve and spending the night. It is one of the vacation centres for EDF(where Bernard works). It should be fun. I've been told that they have snow there already!! YEAH! For New Years, Bernard and I will be going to San Sebastian Spain. Not sure if I have mentioned it or not. We will be heading down on the train, which will be a long journey, though I'm sure we will manage just fine. We will spend a couple days down there, hoping we will find something fun for new years eve. It will be nice to get away for a few days. We are looking forward to it.
This is getting lengthy, but I can't help it. I have the tendency of not writing forever and when i do I just keep going and going like the duracell bunny. You get nothing new nothing new and then're reading for hours. It's like I sit here and try and find everything I can possibly say. haha. I'm sorry...I will try and get better. :)
Things are going well here. My classes are good the money is good. For the most part the students are nice(not that any are mean, just that some of them aren't overly nice). I am enjoying things here. Things are on the up and up.
It is really starting to feel like home. And yes mom, really like home. It's starting to get cold and the heat or should I say lack of heat is just like home. Not that it is frigid, there can be a slight chill. The worst part of the day is having to get out of my bed. That nice cozy feeling and then you have to climb out and the cold air is like a slap in the face. I can feel it just thinking about it....
This place is finally more like a home. It's good. I guess I should probably take some pictures and post them up. We do have a really nice place(minus the kitchen cupboards which I am not the biggest fan of). I will try and post a picture of the exterieur at the end of this. I don't have a picture of my room, and at the moment it is a disaster....hopefully I can take one this weekend. Good idea!!!
Alright, I know I'm starting to ramble on and you are probably all bored, if you even made it this far. Maybe you just skimmed through for the highlights....I was so kind to look back through and bold a few keywords....hope that helped. Anyway I miss you all. Take care
(picture doesn't want to work again)