Monday, June 18, 2007

Not much longer..

The year is coming to an end...I can't believe that the year is almost over. It has flown by that is for sure. Another year passed. Lots of good times had, and some still to come.
Two weekends ago I went to Lyon with Jenn to see a friend of ours, Val. It was a fun weekend. Long train ride home, big hour late. haha
After the weekend away I welcomed 2 "couchsurfers" to my place. They arrived on the Monday early afternoon. They headed off to Bale for the afternoon while I headed to work. That night we enjoyed a delicious dinner at my place and then headed to meet a couple local couchsurfers for drinks downtown. It was a nice enjoyable evening. Lots of good laughs! The next day I took my guests to Colmar. I really like this town. And right now with all the flowers out it's great. We did get stuck with a little rain so we ducked into a cafe/bar got some wine and a tarte flambée for Alison and Eric to try. Mmmm! Gave them the good pointer of "you don't HAVE to tip in France". hehe. They headed out on a night train to Nice that night. Nice to have some guests!
This past weekend Jenn and I went to Freiburg (Germany) for a night of clubbing with some friends. It was fun. Nice that we had someone drive and we didn't have to stay over night. It was a blast....though I've been seeing tooo many mullets....not so much in France, but in Germany and Switzerland.
Yesterday I went to "Art Basel". A huge art show, with galleries from all over the world. It was enormous. We were there for about 3 hours and still didn't get it all in. Saw some interesting things that is for sure!
This Thursday,June 21st is the "fete de la musique". It is a national celebration of music. Concerts in the streets and all. We will be making a night of it....starting with a little pre-drinking at Jenns. Should be a good night. Then Saturday one last party before the year is done. Next week I finish up my classes!!! Woohoo!!
I'm happy and sad at the same time....isn't that always how it is thought?!