Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Well, I have made it. I tried posting yesterday but it wouldnt work. I arrived in Paris ontime yesterday at 10:00am and Bernard was there waiting for me. We spent a couple hours in Paris but it was raining. I didnt sleep much on the plane which was annoying. Oh well, I am in La Chatre now and tomorrow Bernard and I are headed to Capbreton along the Atlantic coast for vacation then to Mulhouse for me. Anyway I'll write soon.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Well, just a quick message to say that I made it here alright. The flight was good and Bernard was waiting for me at the airport when I came out. So great to see him. We spent a couple hours in Paris although the weather was rainy, and now we are in La Chatre. I have a few things in town that I need to do. I will post again soon.

Monday, August 28, 2006

The big day...

Well, I had started writing on Friday but got side tracked and never ended up finishing.
Today is the day! I am leaving for France tonight. I have been excited for this day for quite sometime and I wake up feeling a little nervous. That is weird. I am going to miss my family, but I am so happy that I am going to see Bernard. It has been so long and I have missed him so much.
This week has gone by really quickly. I thought it was going to drag on because I was anxious to go to France, but I was wrong. I spent some time with the family, pizza and wings with my mom. Went out on Wednesday for dinner to the Olive Garden with Darcie and some customs girls and then to a bar in Fort Erie. It was fun to hang out with Darcie like old times. Thursday went to my grandmas for the night and friday golfed with my mom and dad. Got to see my sister and brother in law this weekend as well as the grandparents.

This weekend has been up and down, a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. I am so looking forward to being back in France and seeing Bernard, but the "leaving my family" bit sucks. It's not usually a big problem once I am there and settled (sure I have my moments) but we are all living our own lives and mine is just there. It will all work out.
I have some things to finish packing and I need to get myself all cleaned up. Of course I want to look atleast half decent when I get to see my Frenchman. :)
I better get my ass in gear, already 9h00 and I still have to visit a few people on my way to the airport about last minute. Hahah

Sunday, August 20, 2006

What a weekend.....8 days....

The weekend is over, though I don't have to go into work tomorrow. I finished work on Friday...what a great feeling. To end it off we had a staff party. After work ended I floated out of the office with the biggest smile on my face. My job was finally done! A few of us went out for dinner and then back to Sarah's. The pre-party began at her place, and the megaphone that we happened to "borrow" from CIC(work) made the evening that much more amusing. Sarah's apartment is on the 12th floor(top) and faces onto another apartment building. Some heckling may have been done to the other building as well as to those friends coming to the apartment. From there we went to Angelas place where the real party was to happen. There were lots of jello shooters (with whipcream) and lots of food. It was a really fun night with everyone there. The buggy races down the street were quite funny also, though the cops that drove by later questioning about them, probably would not have found that amusing. Sarah and I didn't stay out too late, but we had a great time! Definitely a great way to finish off a summer job.
Yesterday I met up with Randy to hang out and we went to Mossimos to grab some pizza and wings( good). It was a nice chill afternoon/evening, though the waitress there was a little off. She was just a bizarre woman and needs to tone it down a few notches. Randy was up at the bar for something and the woman comes over to me and asks me what we were doing later on that night (can't people go out for dinner as just friends...come one). Then she told me that "Failure to Launch" had just come out and it's a great movie...."just a suggestion" she says. Thank you lady, but 1) we're not on a date 2) I have a boyfriend and 3) mind your own business.
I went to Darcies last night. She worked till 10 so I headed over there to meet up after for a little bit of pre-drink before going to the Palmwood(bar). She had a friend, someone from work, over whom I had never met. When I saw who it was I knew exactly who she was and thought things may have been a little wierd. She dated(past tense) Mike this summer. Anyway, it turned out that her and I got a long great!! She is a sweetheart and I really wish she would have been around last summer because I think she would have been fun. Anyway, back to the night. Bryce picked us up around midnight, along with Dustin. We headed to the bar where we ended up seeing everyone from Customs(where I worked last year). It was quite the night...could have probably done with one less drink, but that doesn't matter. I had a blast. Ran into Mike, and I think I made an idiot out of myself, but I think I was the bigger person and actually went and talked to him, though I didn't really need to do. After the bar closed, the three of us girls and a few guys went back to someones parents beach house. I was way to drunk and just sat around and then passed out on some bed. We didn't end up leaving there till about 6, as I saw someone leaving for his 6 am shift. Quite funny. We got a ride home and for some reason I took Darcies key and went in first. I thought she was following, and I went straight to my bed and passed out. Her dad came down in the morning and said she wasn't there. I was so confused because she came home with me....though she didn't end up getting out of the car and left and stayed somewhere else. Random....but she showed up not long after I got up...haha. Great night!

Well, there are only 8 days left until departure. It's unbelieveable how fast time has flown by this summer. I am really looking forward to going back to France. I am going to miss my family but I've got something good over in France. Also, I enjoy a slower paced more laid back environment. It's going to be a change for me living in the city and not having my small town life in La Chatre, though I am sure I will spend my share of time there :)
I'm off for now....the countdown continues...lots to do

Monday, August 14, 2006

Two different countdowns....4 days OR 2 weeks....

Well, the weekend is over and the work countdown is really on.
4 days of work left....I can't wait to be done work.
2 weeks till I leave for France...I can't wait to go to France.
This weekend we had our company from Italy come. They arrived on Saturday night around 7pm and we had a nice BBQ with the family and Alberto and Roberta. They were super sweet and wonderful house guests and I look forward to seeing them again. They have invited me(and Bernard) to visit them in Treviso which is 30km from Venice. Saturday night was a great evening talking about travels and our lives like we have all known each other for years. It was a great experience and I look forward to the next one.
The countdown continues.......

Friday, August 11, 2006

Countdown is ON!

Well, it has been quite some time since I have posted. Like my title says...the countdown is on....and it is 17 days till I fly to France and 18 till my arrival. I can't believe it. Where has the summer gone. I know some people will say I have been counting down since I got home....maybe I have :)
I don't know what I have been upto in the past couple weeks really other than work...last weekend was a long weekend and I met up with a couple friends(Marilyn and Rachael) for lunch. Nice to see old friends. I also got to go golfing with the folks on Monday. Nice relaxing weekend.
This weekend we are having company. I am hosting a cute little Italian couple. They are only staying for one night. It's like the couchsurfing deal, though it is the hospitality club. I can't wait to have people come and stay with my family and I. It will be fun.
My sister is coming tomorrow as Rich has to work in Niagara. It will be a pretty relaxing weekend I think. I am going to try and enjoy the weather and hopefully get ready for going back to France!!!
I am anxious to get to a less stressful place. I find that I have been so much more stressed here. France was a lot more laid back. Relaxing. I can't wait to get back to that and even more so to get back and see my wonderful boyfriend!!! Saying I miss him doesn't really reflect how much I do. I can't believe that it has been almost 3 months since I have been home...that is crazyness.
I finish work in a week, then I'll have 10 days to get alll ready and see family and friends before heading out for another year on a journey of a lifetime....I'm sure that this next year is going to be a lot different than my last one.
I'm off for now as I should do a little work.