Friday, May 26, 2006

almost a week...

Well, it has been almost been a week since I have been home and things are more or less back to normal. Ok, back to the way I left them, more or less. I have not spoken to a lot of my friends nor seen a lot of them. It's not the same here. My friends are not close and everyone seems to have a busy life. I am actually looking forward to starting work next week. I am excited to get doing something. I miss my life in France. People here are always so rushed. It's like you cant take the extra time to enjoy your meal. I keep forgetting that things are open past 19h/19h30 and that stores are open during lunch hour. It's different. Food seems to taste more bland, not enough zip to it. I guess you get use to it. It's just a change. I love seeing my family but my life overseas is missed. I wish I could live there and only have to travel an hour to visit my family. That would be the perfect set up. I have talked to a Bernard and a couple other friends in France since being home. I wish it was easier to be in touch, but with different schedules and the time change it makes things difficult. Today I was in the car and all I wanted to do was send an SMS. Two problems, I didnt have a cell phone and they don't always work internationally. I should write an email instead but that will just make me miss more.
I am getting my haircut with my sister tomorrow. Maybe i'll post a picture of the new me after.
Alright, that is all for now. Not much more going on here. Ciao!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Good to grumpy

Well, here I am in Canada at home. Sure there are things that are good. Though there are things that are crap. For example, I have a car - GREAT. I can't drive it for a couple reasons: dont have the piece of plastic saying I have my license and I need a battery that works - CRAP!
Yes I may be a little grumpy at the moment but I can't help it. There is no grocery store within walking distance to go and get what I want and I'm hungry.
Sure it is nice and peaceful here in Fenwick but I want to go to the store.

Arrivée au Canada

Bon, je suis bien arrivée hier soir au Canada et je suis rentrée chez mes parents. Pour commencer, j'ai du mal avec le clavier anglais. En avion, avant d'arriver, j'ai regardé par la fenêtre. Les grands rues....les grands centres j'ai soupiré. Oui, il y a des choses qui m'ont beaucoup manqué en France(les horaires d'ouverture...etc) mais il y a des choses qui m'ont pas manqué de tout. Dans le parking, la première chose que j'ai remarqué était la taille des voitures, comment elles sont grandes.
Je suis contente de voir ma famille. Le dîner était délicieux, un grand STEAK (épais), salade, maïs en épis et pain à l'ail. Pour le dessert "cheesecake" gelé, goût du moka. Mon beau frère était là, mais pas ma soeur. On a bien rigolé à la table ensemble(comme toujours). C'était super d'avoir ça. J'adore la maison et surtout le terrain.
MAIS, la France me manque déjà. Ou, peut-être ce n'est que ma vie là-bas. La vie que j'ai vécu pendant les 8 derniers mois. De toute façon, ça me manque. Les gens me manquent. Vous savez qui vous êtes.
J'ai passé une année super. Je veux vous remercier encore pour ça, parce que c'est grâce à vous. Merci et à bientôt

Thursday, May 18, 2006

The End...For now

Bloody hell....pardon my language but I had written a post and the computer messed up...gone!

Well, I am sitting here in the staffroom for the last time. I am at the school for the last time to say some goodbyes and to do a last look over of my room and hand in my keys. I can't believe its the end. I am sad. Tonight and tomorrow are going to be the hardest. Going to Paris tonight, staying in a hotel near the airport. It will be lonely and sad I think.

This week has flown by as I thought it would. I spent quite a bit of time with Bernard and went to Tours with Lucy and Caitlin Tuesday night and then to Amboise on Wednesday. I finished packing up yesterday and met up with Stephanie for a drink and last rounds of darts at the London Club. Said goodbye to Franky and Rod. I had many good times at this bar. :) I also met up with Sophal to say goodbye then spent my last night with Bernard. Today I am heading into the city before taking the train to Paris. I will meet briefly with Lucy and Caitlin then meet with Bernard. I cant miss the bus. I dont have much to take with me as its in Bernards car now. Thankfully. I am not looking forward to the 2 hour train ride. I am sad and sitting alone lets my mind think to much and that will make me more sad. Carrying all my bags through Paris is going to suck. I have to take the metro then the RER (train) to the airport then take a navette(shuttle) to the hotel. Not going to be fun with all my bags. It is less than when i came, but it will still not be fun.

Well, the year has come to an end sooner than I would have liked. To all those over here that read this; thank you for everything. Thank you for making this year great for me. Thank you for welcoming me and making my stay enjoyable. You have each touched me in a different way and made this experience special and more than I could have asked for. I am grateful for everything thing and everyone of you. Thank you!!! I will miss you and I will be back to see you!!! :) Promise

Monday, May 15, 2006

Last week here...

Well, where did I leave off. It was the end of the holidays. That Saturday night I was supposed to go out with Stephanie and she made me angry. She said 21h30 or 21h45 she would be ready to go out and then at 20h she sent me a text saying there was something on tv she wanted to watch till about 23h. The reason it made me really angry was that she changed her mind the friday night and didnt want to go out. If I would have known it was going to be like that I would have gone away for the weekend. Oh well! We went to Bourges on the Sunday. We saw some concerts outside in the street. It was a nice festival atmosphere. We took 2 trains and a bus to get there and were supposed to do the same home. Well, we got back to Chateauroux at 20h30 and there is normally a bus at 20h45. Waiting....waiting....waiting! NO BUS!!! We werent the only 2. There was some other dude there waiting. He wasn't going nearly as far as us, lucky for him. We didnt really know what to do so decided we would head to the outskirts of the city and try hitchhiking. On our way the guy told us he had a friend coming to pick him up and maybe he could give us a ride. He got there and had no seats in the back. We climbed in and lied down. He was going to advance us a bit to his town. Halfway he said he'd stop at his and get the seats then drive us to La Chatre. It was really sweet of him. It was quite the adventure. I dont really remember what I did during the week, but that Friday I met up with Bernard for lunch in the city and Lucy for a drink before heading to Tours to meet up with a friend(Gresko). We hadn't seen each other in a year, and it takes being in France for us to meet up. Quite funny. It was a nice night, finally got to meet Thomas. We went out for a drink at some patio(a huge square) as the weather was decent. Now I remember what I did all week. I spent the afternoons down by the river trying to tan a little as the weather was beautiful around 23-25°C. The Saturday I headed home and that night was the celebration for the birthday of Lise. We went to a bar/restaurant, had a huge meal, apps, entrée, cheese and dessert. I didnt dance, but had a good laugh at those that did.
On the Tuesday I headed out to Mulhouse. It was a long day of travel, in total about 10hours. Had to wait in Chateauroux after the bus then change stations in Paris. Claude, the prof from Mulhouse met me at the station. I stayed at his place till Friday. Him and his wife are very sweet. I had a nice stay and met some people(working there now and frenchies). It was a nice stay. Checked out a couple apartments, though still not sure.
I got back to La Chatre Friday. Met up with Bernard then went to the London's Club to meet Steffi and Laurent. The usual a few drinks and some darts. Saturday I went for a tour of the region with Manola. It was a fun day, although not the best weather. We did manage to avoid the rain for the most part. When we were at the Tabac (corner store) I was waiting for Manola by myself and some guy came over and started chatting with me. Wierdo! haha. We ended at her place where I helped her with some computer stuff and ate cake from the pastry shop. MMM. I headed to a restaurant with Bernard and some friends for dinner and then to the London to meet up with Stephanie. Slow start for me as I was tired but it was a fun last weekend there(at the London that is). I had taken a cream egg to Franky, the owner as he hadnt stopped talking about it. We had a nice night and some good chats. Played darts like usual, and got a sticker and coaster from the bar for souvenirs. Yesterday Bernard and I took care of his niece went to a garage sale type thing and for a hike. Then to some friends for cocktail hour which turned into dinner also. The weather is nice here, not sure why I am sitting inside on the computer but oh well, update. Heading to the city tomorrow to meet up with Lucy and Caitlin.
This week is going to fly by. I am heading to Paris on Friday as my flight is Saturday morning. This time Saturday I will be in Fenwick, I think...atleast in Canada. I'm off for now, Cheers!