Friday, October 28, 2005

Quickie!!! hehhehe

Oct 28/05 2123
I just ate the best mcdonalds sunday ever, ok, maybe not ever, but in a damn long time. Sittin in The Hague Netherlands in a little asian internet place here with Olivia 2 over to my right. We just went for a snack and stopped here. It was too early for bed. I cant wait to fill you all in on the entire vacation. Stayin here till Sunday then to Rotterdam. I have spent way too much $$$ but oh well, it has been fun. Anyway, within the next wekk, I will update!!!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

One more day then holidays!!!!!

Well, I have 2 more hours of class to teach this week and then it is holiday time!!! 2 more hours to make a total of 5 hours work this week. Yes, I may not be making a lot of money each month, but I am making a shitload for the amount of work I do. And to think that I get the same amount of money no matter what even when there is 10 days of holidays. This is the life!!!! Well, ok, maybe not exactly, but this is my life right now.
Tuesday I finished at 930, checked my email and ended up taking a nap. I felt so lazy, but I had NOT slept well the night before. That afternoon I took a little tour around town. I found myself staring in a basement window watching some men working at the pastery shop. This was great. The one man was making every individual chocolate one at a time, and the other was making these chocolate mousse pyramids. It was so great. I could have stood there and watched for hours. I left for a bit and returned. They noticed me and said hello. I passed by there again today, and the one noticed me. I think after the holidays, or tomrrow if Im out I should talk to them. I just can't ever picture seeing this happen at home. Anyway, this day I also saw the hottest guy I have seen in France yet....imagine, in La Châtre....I was excited!
I headed in to Chateauroux for the night. Chilled and had dinner at Caitlins. Had crepes yesterday at her place....SO good! Came home last night and relaxed. Today I didnt have class so I slept in and went to town for a bit. I went to check out what kind of activities there are to do in this little town. There isnt too much that catches my eye, but I think I am just going to choose something and try and get involved in it and hope to meet some ppl.
I was sitting in my room about to have some tea when my phone rang. It was Laura, one of the assistants from Chateauroux. Her and Lucy(another assistant) were actually in my town so we met up for a drink. That was so nice!
Anyway, tomorrow I am going to head into the city. I start my holidays and after WAY too much debating, I am going north. I will go to Cologne and Bonn Germany then to Amsterdam where I will meet up with my friend Anna(who is from Germany, was an exchange student in Winnipeg) then head to The Hague, Rotterdam and Brussels. I have a friend joining along for the trip. Well, I call her a friend but we have yet to meet in person. It should be good though, looking forward to it, and looking forward to seeing Anna. It has been 3 years. So if you dont hear much from me it is because I am on vacation. I will return to the school on November 2nd/3rd...hope to get on the internet somewhere before then, but if not, it'll be the 3rd for sure. Keep the email comin. Miss you all.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Another day of Work, another 3 off

Well, if you want to know what it is like to not work and not go to school but still make a little money, then here you go. And if this is what it feels like to not work 40hours/week, I actually would prefer the 40hours. Yes, too much free time is not that great! Maybe it would be if I had someone here that had just as much and could spend it with me. Who knows. Yesterday was a beautiful day here. Actually warm. I went out in jeans a tshirt and a longsleeve zippy, which was quickly tied around my waist. I could have worn some capris. I know that weather isnt going to last though. Anyway, I took tons of pics, which I will have to upload soon. Ill look into that before I head out for my 10day vacation starting this weekend. Oh yes, that is right!!!! I get 10days off. I barely started working, and already Im going to head out to tour around. Woohoo! Anyway, back to yesterday. I took well over 50 pictures. There are lots of little picturesque spots around here and some interesting looking things. I am sure some of them will get deleted, but I have lots. I stopped in to a bakery that was open to treat myself. The things looked delicious. A big chocolate thing, mousse inside. I asked for one, but the woman heard 2 and I didnt really want to say no. I dont know why, but anyway...I ate one last night, and OMG......HEAVEN!!!!! I dont know what could be better than this.....i dont think ANYTHING could be! SO GOOD! I think I should eat the other tonight! Today I had 2 classes this morning, went pretty well I would say and then the afternoon ones were cancelled because the grade 10s were going to see Ray. I joined them to see it. Its such a cute little 2 story theatre. So cute!!! By the time I got in pretty much everyone was seated. Some boys in the back row started calling to me to come sit with them. Im sure my face went bright red. But I went and sat with them. They were very happy. Glad I could make someones day. :) Hey, I have come to the conclusion that I can be friends with these 15/16 year olds. Better than having no friends right?! I have no other intentions at all. AT ALL!!! hahah, though some of them are cute. hahah, if only they were atleast 5 or 6 years older. Hahah! I may like'em young but for sure not that young! haha, anyway, thats my life. As the title says, I have 3 days off. Well, I have a class tomorrow, but its done by 930 or 1030 and then I dont have another until Friday at 930. So....I think I may go to the city tomorrow. I could go elsewhere, but not overly in the mood to make plans. We'll see tomorrow. See if my good old American pal will allow me to crash on her floor again. hehe Thanks to Caitlin I have been able to enjoy a bit of the city life!

Saturday, October 15, 2005


I LOVE MESSAGES!!!! Two messages today, thanks guys!!!! You know who you are. Makes me very happy! I went out to the pub tonight with Steph, the german girl. She is nice no matter what I said before. It turned out that the others we were supposed to meet couldnt go so it was just the two of us. It was a nice evening chillin in the pub. She seems to get bored like I do, so I think that we will probably start to spend more time together, but we'll see. I realize I was quick to judge and I wont do it again. Thats all for now!


Well, so far today....I went to the market and wandered around. Ran in to some English people and overheard some Australians. It was fun. I can be nosy that way as long as they dont see my Canada flag pin on my coat. I had some lunch and got ready to go to the shooting range.
Its 6pm here, I got homa about an hour ago. I really enjoyed myself at the range. It was outdoors, and fairly simple. I shot a revolver and a glock(spelling?) for all you customs folk out there. I used some of the knowledge I learnt. At the start I wasnt that great, but on the target I did manage to hit the bullzeye. Also, was pretty good at knocking the other targets down. I was proud of myself, and the teacher was pretty impressed also. It was fun, and I will probably go with him again in the future. Tonight, off to the Kilkey, Irish Pub with Stephanie, the German girl. Should be good I hope, I'll let you all know how my first night out in La Châtre is!!! Eeeeee

Friday, October 14, 2005


Well, it has been a few days since I have posted, I really havent felt like posting, but I know I should or I will forget what has gone on. I think I left off on Monday....after the first day of class ugh...Tuesday morning, first and only class...830am. I only had 3 students. They will have an oral exam in English at the end of the year. That was fine working with them, although I feel like its a long time when you only have 2 students. It went better than the first day.
I had Wed and Thursday off, well, basically Tuesday too, and I was feeling a little lonely. I thought about going to Poitiers, but in the end just spend Tuesday here lazing around and then went to Chateauroux on Wednesday morning. I stayed at Caitlins and we didnt really do that much, just relaxed watched a movie and chilled. It was nice to do just that with a friend. That night we had dinner at her place and then Jessica, her american roomate who was an assistant there last year also had 2 of her french friends over for dinner. We just hung out around the kitchen table and chatted. It reminded me of the "19 Elgin" days, for all of you who know about those. It was a great evening, speaking both French and English because Sebastion and Guillaume both speak the two. It was a fun night. On Thursday Caitlin had classes, so I just went out shopping and walked around the city for the afternoon. It was a nice day also.
Today, Friday! Well, I had to be up around 8:00 because I had class at 930 and i had to print and make photocopies. I had 2 classes and they went SUPER well. I was sooo happy. I actually enjoyed it today. I mean, sure there were the moments where it felt like the students really didnt want to be doing what we were doing, but was good. I did an intro activity to know all ov their names and then the previous week some of the students had asked me to bring in music from my favorite band. So I played a song, Clumsy, OLP and had them fill in blanks. It went pretty well, and I left with a smile on my face. I saw there teacher after and she had class with the first group of students right after me, and they told her that it was great. So that is reasuring.
I had lunch at the canteen and chatted with some of the teachers, shared some maple syrup candies with them, which they enjoyed. Then I chilled in the staff room. Benoit came and chatted with me. I dont really know him well, just started talking to him recently, but he is very nice, seems fairly young. He teaches shop, like wood working. He was explaining to me all the different types of things they do. For all of you that dont know, which should be almost all of you because I havent mentioned it to many, this school has a "vocational" side to it which consists of various woodworking things. They make instruments, design woodflooring, restore antique furniture, make doors and windows etc...I dont remember what else. It really impressing what the students do. Anyway, I went over the the workshop part with Benoit and another teacher, but I forget her name. They showed me around and I met another one of the teachers over there. His name is Guillaume, seems nice, not sure how old, im bad at guessing but maybe mid 30s, anyway, when i was leaving he said something about his #, i wanted to just keep walking, but that would be rude, so i turned around and said "pardon". Then he asks "do you want me to give you my #". What am i supposed to say to that, really....i mean, seriously, how much of an asshole would i have looked like if i said "no, its ok". So Guillaume gave me his # and i went on my way thinking no need to worry about him for awhile until I see him again. Later today..........I am heading out to the store to get some bread....when who do I run into in the hall but Guillaume. For all I know he was searching for me, haha!! So, I said hi, and said I was going to the store, he says to me as we walk outside that he is going back into the work shop and I should stop in and see him....oh goodness....think Erin think....say something, I said to him "we'll see, not sure how long I'll be in town, maybe". Then he says to me, "so when are we going to see each other/get together". I know....I have no immediate plans of getting together buddy....something about you gives me the, I say nicely, "I'm not sure, I might be going into the city today tomorrow so I'm not sure" and he says, "well we have to find sometime, because I want to do something with you". Shit shit shit, thats all that is running through my head, I can't not call the guy, but I dont want to call him....I have to see him around the school....but if Ii call him, what do we do??? I mean, its not like I'd be keen on going to his place or even out for dinner for that matter. Oh, just thought of what I could, thats it.....its public, and doesnt have to be long and if I went in the afternoon i could say i had dinner plans. Good idea Erin!
Well, that is my little adventure. NO, I did not stop by the workshop, I had groceries, and no desire to do so.
This weekend I thought about heading into the city as Roise(Brit) is having a dinner, but I am going to go the market and then to the shooting club with one of the English teachers. At night I will meet up with Stephanie, the German girl and go to the pub with her and some others(students) for the evening. I though I better do that because there is a chance of meeting ppl around here and I can go to the city whenever. So thats whats going on. Keep emailin, love to hear from you all.

Monday, October 10, 2005

First day...

So a little discouraging to say the least. Its hard when they really DONT want to be there and DONT want to learn english. So I started at 930, and had 3 students, age 15. Started out good, but I was not really prepared. Well, not to the extent I should have been. I thought I was prepared enough, but found out I wasnt. So tonight, I better find something good for tomorrow, I just dont know what. Their level is so low that it is really hard. We were told in our sessions DO NOT SPEAK FRENCH!!!! That is a hard thing to do when they are all staring at you with blank faces and then continue to converse amoungst themselves while you are standing there ready to leave the damn classroom. Ok, so the first class wasnt that bad. I mean sure they got talking in french and its hard to say you cant speak it when they can BARELY form a sentence, let alone carry on a conversation. So anywat, they werent bad and it was nice to only have a few so it was easier. Next class, 1130. I had 12 students. They were difficult to get working. I had prepared an intro activity and then had an article about what other than "Thanksgiving" only seemed right. Well, I made them read it and 2 of the students were really good. The others were frusterating and grrrr. Yes, I left that classroom feeling horrible. I got to the staff room and Remy was there (I think that is his name). He is SUPER nice. He is always chatting with me and very friendly and interested in me and my life etc. He new that I was very discouraged about the class and he was trying to cheer me up. It was really nice of him. He told me not to worry about it though, so I will try. I had another class at 2. There was over 15 students I think, and I was even less prepared than in the previous class. It was tough, although not as bad as the previous one. I got asked to go to the disco/nightclub with the students so hey, atleast I accomplished something. I ran into Blandine in the library after and she is such a sweetie. She was asking when I will be coming back to their class, which is not one on my schedule. Too bad, because I really liked the students in that class. I went to town to get a few things at the store and on the way home I ran into a couple students from the classes I had today and speaking in French they are great. That makes it hard. If I could, and didnt have a job I would love to just sit and talk in French because that way mine would be great. BUT I dont have that option. I must teach!
So, my "Thanksgiving" dinner.....well, I ate at the canteen tonight with some others that live at the school. What did we have...rice and omlets....some yogurt time thing and bread. I think that is it. NOT quite the dinner I would hope for on a day like today. Oh well, nothing I can do. Atleast I didnt eat alone. hehe
I am very settled in here, its just that some days I get very down and discouraged like today and that in turn makes me miss home. Not good!
Well, Im trying to figure out what I am going to do for my holidays which are FAST approaching. I would love to travel with someone this time rather than alone, but there are certain things I would like to do, although I realize I have to make compromises if I want to travel with someone. But the other thing is that I want to go for the complete holidays and not just part of. I am NOT staying here. A lot of people I talk to are going home for Christmas, it makes me want to go home. If I dont find someone to travel with before Darcie comes out, I did get an invite to a friends(from highschool in France) place in the north of France. So, we will see what happens.
Well, enough for now. I am thinking I may may make a little overnight/two night trip tomorrow till Thursday. I have a lot of time. We'll see, cause I dont have class Wed or Thurs this week. Bye!!!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Weekend in Châteauroux

Well, on Friday evening I headed into the city to meet up with some assistants and spend the weekend with them. I took the bus that evening and was met at the station by Caitlin, Neha and Rosie. We dropped my stuff off at Caitlins and went to the store to get some groceries and food for dinner at Carrefour. After dinner, around 1015 we headed out to a little bar for the evening. We met up with all the other assistants in the city. This bar was SUPER little and so smokey! Not my favorite place to be, that is for sure! It was a decent evening, note to self, NEVER order hard liquor there again because a vodka/orange was 5euros (=7.50CAD). That is outrageous. The bartender later in the evening brought us free shots. That was pretty nice. Caitlin and I didnt stay super late because we were both pretty tired. When we got home there was this krazy bug in her room. It was sort of like a centipede(i think) with about 50legs, but they were like legs on a spider. It was creepy! Anyway, he was super quick and her ceiling is about 10feet, but I managed to kill the damn thing!!! Yipee for me! Saturday we slept in till about 11 and then had some food went to the internet (she needs to go somewhere to use it). The city was overtaken by cobwebs overnight and it was not cool. Walking down the street, every 5minutes you would be attacked by one. Then to get food/shopping but we ended up just grabbing food for a picnic and headed to a nice park(to meet some others), where there happened to be the "Coupe de France triathalon". It was a beautiful warm weekend so we ate out on the grass and watched all the hottie athletes in their spandex shorts and speedos. It was a nice afternoon.
We went back to Carrefour that evening and I bought a few needed things including a straightner seeing as mine does NOT want to work here. This one is pretty cool because it is a "wet n' dry" one, meaning it drys your hair at the same time. Im interested to see if it actually works. We'll see tomorrow.
Saturday night we went out to a cafe where there was a magician. We had a drink and enjoyed the show. He was really good actually. Nice evening, but another pretty early night. Man, I feel so old not being able to stay out late. Haha!
All in all it was a good weekend! Nice to get out of the city and great to hang out with the girls. Im looking forward to the next time.
Now Im just trying to figure out what I am going to do with my holidays coming up. I really am not sure what I am going to do. I will hopefully get to see my friends from highschool up in the north of France. Finally been in touch with most of them. Yipee!!!
Well, that is about it. Im jealous of all those Canadians who get to enjoy turkey dinner this weekend. Oh well, its not the end of the world and hey, Im in France!!! Enjoy the holiday, think of me while Im working. I have to prep my lesson tonight. I have found an article on Canadian Thanksgiving that I am going to use. Goodtimes!
Still need some ideas on what OLP song I should use in the class, post a comment, PLEASE!!!

Pics of my room

Sorry, I couldnt turn them

Friday, October 07, 2005

class after all

Well, there was a little error on the time table for me. I was supposed to start at 930 not 830. Anyway, went to a few classes today. Didnt do any on my own, but I will next week. I have to get an OLP song for the class to listen to. Any suggestions on a song that is easy to understand what they say??? Leave me some suggestions please!!!
One of the boys asked me about going to the disco here in La Châtre. hehe it was funny. I am looking forward to actually working with and getting to know the classes. Should be good, i just hope I can get them talking. Anyway, I dont have much more to say. Going to head into town for about half an hour quickly before I head to the city. I will take the bus around 6pm tonight. Be back Sunday, and Im sure ill have some adventures to write about.


Well, it is 915am here. I have been up for almost 2hours as I was supposed to have a class. I went to the staff room around 815 to see Manola, whose class I was supposed to be teaching. Well, I didnt see her and no one had. Grrr. So I checked the classroom where I was supposed to go, but no luck. No students. So I have been doing pretty much nothing here. Grrr, got up early made myself pretty and a little more professional than usual with my khakis. I even put earings on. Well, sobeit. I am going to see if she is there for the next class at 930, or if there are students at the room, but for some reason I doubt it. I would love to go back to my room to bed, but I am going with another teacher, Florence, at 1030. Oh well, thats life. I could go photo copy something. Maybe I'll go to the staff room now and do that. I was all ready for the class too.....

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Been to the CITY

Well, I just got back from the city!!!! WOOOOHOOOO! It was a decent time. I got a ride from JP on Tuesday afternoon to Chateauroux to the IUFM(like a teachers college) where I was staying for 2nights. I met the assistant there who is from Tenessee and then Kenny(US) from Argenton(small town also) came too. We met up with some other assistants for dinner/drinks. I had salmon and fries. It was soooo good. There were 3 british girls and one american, Caitlin who I have been in touch with via email. It was a great night with some english speaking people. The WALK HOME...oh man, this is a story! Well, it was Laura Kenny and myself. We walked through the old city and as we walked past a bar some guys said some stuff to Laura and I. We didnt say much, kept walking. Some guy started to follow us, calling after us. Finally he started running after us and then says "look at me/respond when i am talking to you". He is now right behind us and says to Kenny "im talking to you". He is yelling and then threw a punch at Kenny. It was pretty scary. He was drunk. His friend came and got him after we were yelling at him to stop. Thank god, nothing too bad happened. Kenny was ok, head was a little sore. Getting up the next morning at 430am was HELL. We had to be at the train statin (30 minute walk) for 545, that is when the bus was leaving. So almost no sleep, seeing as i couldnt get to sleep the night before. When we got to the station most of the other assistants were there. Not just english, but german, spanish and italian also. There were about 12 of us at our stop. We then headed out to make a few other stops before arriving at Chateau de Chambord. It was supposed to be about a 3 hour bus ride. Well, around 8 or so we stopped. There was trouble with the bus. The gas tank was leaking. So we had to stop to get it fixed. That put us behind schedule about 2hours. We showed up around 1130 instead of 930. Oh well. We were divided into groups visited the castle had what on our itinerary was refered to as "lunch" and then had a little info session type thing. So "lunch"! Keep in mind, i had only had a 'pain au chocolat', croissant with chocolate in it that morning; they served us little sandwiches and bread with different spreads on them along with champagne and kir. They also served some little deserts. This was horrible because we were all starving and knew we werent getting home until 8pm. Well, that wasnt everyone, but everyone at my stop. Met lots of great ppl for various places. Got ppls phone numbers so we can be in touch.
Back in the city, 8PM. A few of us went straight to a restaurant to get food. We were starving. I got lasagna (i know, not very french) and it was delicious. Went to bed super early because we found out at the orientation that we had another day of stuff today at one of the highschools. Yea, thanks for the advanced notice. I wanted to sleep in and do a few things in the city. Boo! So this morning, up bright and early at 740. Headed out with Kenny for our 20 minute hike to the school. There we had a session on lessons and what not with an english teacher. It was good, except that a couple hours in i started feeling SUPER nautious. Finally I left the room to go the the bathroom, imagine that the closest one was all the way on the other side of the school. There was no way I was going to make it. I sat on the bench outside the room feeling like I was going to ralph. Oh...i embarassing. Thank god no one was around and it was just water. I hadnt eaten that morning because we didnt pass any shops on the way. So I felt a little bit better and went back in. Noon, lunch time. Cafeteria time! I was starving but as soon as i got in there, I had to leave. I went to the nurses office/health room. They gave me a bed and some pills to try and settle my stomach. I was sick again and slept pretty much all afternoon. I finally felt better, just incredibly hungry. So I met back up with the other students and then headed toward the station. My bus home was at 515. I went with Neha (brit) to get bread and then to her place till I had to go to the station.
I am super happy to have finally met ppl in the city. It would be nice to meet some ppl here in la châtre, and hopefully i will soon, but either way, i know ppl in the city which is only an hour away on bus, and i have ppl i can stay with there. Speaking of that, I am headed there for the weekend. Not sure what time I will head out at tomorrow, but I will stay till Sunday. I am pretty excited. Everyone is super nice. Woohoo!
Keep in touch

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A couple classes done, and almost orientation, woot

Well, It is Tuesday! I am on this computer for teachers in the library and it wont allow me to check my email nor log on to msn. I am going to go use another one after I post this. To finish off my weekend, Saturday night I didnt do too much. I think I probably was on the net for awhile and then I watched some TV and went to bed. On Sunday I went to lunch at another English teachers house, Florence. She picked me up at noon and took me to her place, which is in walking distance. Anyway, I had lunch with her family. Her husband, son and step son. It was delicious. Of course there were some things I wasnt into and avoided, tuna and paté, but it was a good meal. After Florence and I took her son and nephew, who are both 7 for a walk along the river. It was not the nicest day, but decent. It was a nice walk and nice because I hadnt been down there yet. I got home around 5 or so. I didnt get upto too much else that day. Yesterday was really my first day at the school. I got up and was ready for 830, which I didnt need to be until 930 so I tagged along to class with Florence just for fun. I also tagged along with Denis. I didnt do too much, had about 4 hours of classes including those 2.
I ate lunch at the caf with some of the teachers. I went with a math teacher whose name I am unsure of. He was super nice. And last night for dinner I ate with Natalie who lives part time in the room next to me. She lives about 350km from here so she stays here 2 or 3 nights per week.
Today I got up bright and early again, did I mention I HATE MORNINGS! I had one hour of class at 830 with JP and that is all for the day. I was supposed to have more, but there is a strike which some of the teachers are participating in(the happen often here) so no more today. I went and got my cell phone today. YIPEE!!! I have a phone. I dont have the # with me, so I cant give it to you now. I'll get it when I change compters to check my mail.
Tonight I am going to Chateauroux, the city, for 2 nights. Tomorrow is our orientation at Chateau de Chambord and the bus leaves at 545 am from the city. It will be a long day, but great to meet people. Hopefully I will find something to do this weekend. If not, I spoke to someone and no more sneaking around with the key to the "parloir" where I use the net. I was told I can keep the key over the weekend. Yipee!!! Anyway, I think that is all for now.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

I have lots of time right now....

Well, it seems by the amount of posts I have done here that I dont do too much else. As of late, its probably true, but that will change, i think. Today was pretty good. I met with JP for coffee, I had hot chocolate of course, and he gave me my schedule. There is one more hour I will have, but Im not sure when. I will ask Florence when I see her tomorrow. I am going there for lunch.
So here it is:
Monday 830-1030; 1130-1230; 14-15(2-3)
Tuesday 830-1030
Wednesday NOTHING
Thursday 930-1030
Friday 830-1030
So, I dont even have 12 hours. I'll have 10 once I talk to Florence. I guess I cant really complain about only getting 1100dollars /month. Thats like, 27dollars/hour. It just doesnt seem like a lot overall, but breaking it down, woohoo!
I think next weekend for sure I am going to get out of here. Unless I meet some people around town, which today I saw some ppl that could be about my age...but I didnt want to just walk up to them and say "hi, do you want to be my friend". haha
After I met with JP I walked around the market and then went to Manolas for lunch. One of her friends joined also. It was a nice afternoon. I was there till about 4 and she gave me some books I can read. Yipee! I then went to inquire for a cell phone again, but to get an abonnement (english - contract, subscription??? - oh man, this is bad) you need to have either a cheque or your bank card and i dont have either yet. Grrr. I am going to get this instead of pay as you go because it is a lot cheaper. The cute guy Sébastion has been very helpful. I told him I would see him in a few days. hehe. Maybe he wants to be my friend. I shall go see him again in a few days, haha!
I got a few groceries also, but I ran into Stephanie the german girl, and she cant go out tonight so I will be stuck here. Boo! I just dont want to go alone. I think I should ask the cell phone guy what there is to do here and then maybe he will ask me to go out with his friends. Haha, I dont know how old he is, but I would say mid to late 20s. Maybe I am wrong.
Anyway, I really want to get this stupid cell phone. I just dont know when I am going to get my card or cheques. If I dont have them by Monday/Tuesday I am going to have to go to the bank and ask. I'm impatient a little. I want the phone before I go to the orientation. Oh well, we'll see.
Today one of the students added me. Blandine. She is so cute and her english is good. She asked if her friend could add me too. It is one of the guys in the class, I think it is Sylvain. I was so excited to talk to them. They spoke to me in english and with Blandine I just rephrased when she didnt understand, but with Sylvain I spoke a bit in French. They are soooo young though. It should be fun this year, once it gets started.
Last night I remembered that I had a Canada Flag with me. I had forgot because it was in a bag with other things, so I got it out. I tried putting it up with push pins, but they dont work too well with cement. Anyway, there are ceiling tiles so I stuck it in there. Yipee! I also have a Canada beach ball I blew up. Its becoming more like home. I put some pictures on the wall, although I wish I had more. Oh well, its all good. The nights can be hard because I am alone and I think a lot about home and having people around me, but I know that Ill make it. I want to be here. I am happy, just miss things/people, you know. :p Keep in touch, tell me about your lives. :) Keep smiling...I will :)