Sunday, June 25, 2006

Fun times....old friends

Well, the week went more or less well at work. A few little bumps but it's all good. Looking forward to having a 4 day work week this week. Still need to find something to do for the long weekend. We'll see what happens...hopefully find something fun!
Yesterday was Julie Wiens' wedding. I went with Rachael as her date because Shaun couldn't make it. I had a blast! We hung out with a few people from Crossley(highschool) all night. I hadn't seen some of those people in like 8 years. hahah!
I ended up getting pretty drunk, Randy was my drinking buddy as Rach couldn't drink. Hey, I had a designated driver. I had to have a time out during dinner because I had drank a little tooo much but after a few bottles of much needed water I was ready to go again. Back to drinking and back to dancing. It was so much fun!!! Rachael ended up driving me Randy and Andrew home. We all had a blast and I am looking forward to seeing them all again soon. Misha's mom was great!!! Had fun dancing with her!
Ready for a new week....I hope all goes smoothly at work this week.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Another weekend.....

Well, the weekend is almost was a busy one so far. Nice to keep busy and spend time with family. Friday night Lindsay and Rich came down for dinner and the weekend. Then yesterday we had a garage sale. It didn't go as well as mom had planned so it looks like she will be doing it again next weekend. It was an early morning and a long hot day. We went over to some friends after for a swim and to relax, ended up staying and having a little barbecue. It was fun to hang out there and we had some good laughs. Although I lost track of time and ended up getting home later than planned. I hate this stupid 6 hour time difference. J'en ai marre. Trying to figure out when to book my's looking like it will be on August 27th from Toronto and get in on the 28th in Paris. That's only 10weeks away. No, I'm not counting at all.... :) I dont know, it has just been a little hard in some ways since being home. For one, those so called friends that dont make an effort and just feeling like this isn't even home any more because of that. I know I will miss my family when I go back, but hey, they are like me...always travelling. Well, not Linds and Rich due to jobs but the folks.
Well, I'm off for now!! Cheers, take it easy everyone

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Flying by...

Well, this week seems to be flying by. Wednesday is already done. Youpi! I had a good weekend. After work on Friday I headed up to Toronto(Richmond Hill to be exact) to see Ashlie. Hadn't seen her in ages. I spent the weekend up there. It was a good weekend and nice to see friends. I got home on Sunday and got to go out for lunch with Rachael. Great to see her. Overall a great weekend. Still waiting to hear from a couple other friends that I would love to see......
Work is going well. It will start getting busier soon. People in France seem to already be receiving my mail which is great. That was really quick seeing as I mailed stuff late last Tuesday night. This weekend is fathers day, Sunday...we are celebrating on Friday night, Lindsay and Rich are coming down. It should be a fun night. I am really looking forward to it. Also on Saturday we are having a garage sale. Big fun. Hehe.
My dad has been working on my computer lately which I am grateful for. I hope that he can figure it out because I spent way to many hours on there trying. I just got fed up.
I have been doing great with my bike riding, I am definitely proud of myself. Lets see what I have to say in 1 month. Hopefully I will be in shape.
Well, I guess that is all for now. Still thinking about everyone over in France!!! Miss everyone.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Taking care of myself

Well, things are going pretty well here. Still have not seen anyone which sounds really sad. I feel like it makes my life seem a little sad but oh well. I am not sad. I am fairly happy. I started work yesterday. The first tink I will enjoy my summer at CIC. I know it will get tedious and stressful but I will enjoy it. I am going to devote myself to this job and doing it well. The only downside to the job is being able to talk to a certain person in a certain country due to time change (damn you 6 hour difference).
I have also decided that this summer is going to be about me (ok, not in a selfish way and not only about me) . I am going to take care of myself(get in shape and make sure I feel good etc). I have finally got my ass in gear and started riding my bike though I think my next investment will be one of those gel seats for my bike. It's a little hard on the bum and I really should get a helmet before I have another biking accident (oops...wasn't going to mention that on here).
Well, I am starting to feel good. Not that I didn't before. I am happy. I feel relaxed, calm and comfortable with myself and my life.
Alright, enough. Cheers!

Sunday, June 04, 2006


Well, you read it. I'm happy! It's nice to be home and see the family. I do really enjoy spending time with them so it is great to be able to. Thought it is a change and I do miss my life in France. It's funny, I have not seen a single friend since I have been home, and it has been 2 weeks. I don't know why but it really hasn't bothered me as much as it would have use to in the past. I have talked to Bernard the most out of anyone(not including the folks obviously) since being home and he is 6000km away(I am not complaining whatsoever, wish we could actally talk more, but the 6 hour time difference makes things difficult). I am so happy that we are able to keep in touch because I miss him tons and look forward to going back to France at the end of the summer . After talking to a few people here and comparing things a bit to Europe I realise that North Americans don't really have the "community" drive in them. I don't know, maybe it is just me but I feel that everyone seems to be so worried about themselves(either as one or as a couple) that they don't spend much time going out and being with friends(maybe this has more to do with couples though I don't think so). Why can't everyone hang out together, single people and couples and people not feel like a third wheel. I don't know, maybe I'm wrong or maybe I don't know how to explain this well but anyway, it's not that big of a deal.
Had a nice weekend in Oakville at my Lindsay & Rich's place. Nice to get away from Fenwick for a bit and get a change of scenery. Looking forward to starting work on Wednesday and getting busier not only with work but doing things and getting together with some friends.
Take it easy everyone

Photo of ME

On of the last weeks in France....i like this photo. So Happy!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Back into the swing

Well, I seem to be getting settled back into the swing of things here. It feels like I have been home for quite awhile though it really is only been 12 days. I'm sure that the summer is going to fly by once I get working. Speaking of work, we had a 2 day training up at Bark Lake which is near Haliburton (about 3 hours north of Hamitlon). It was a lot of fun. We left Tuesday morning and got back last night. I met lots of fun people that are going to be working at CIC(Columbia International College) also. Most of them I wont be directly working with as I have an office job but we had a blast. The bus ride was hot and long on the yellow school bus but it was beautiful up there. We got to go swimming and canoeing which was tons of fun. We had a campfire and roasted marshmallows as well as banana boats. I got tooooo maany mosquito bites though. I can't wait to start work which should be on Monday.
The weather has been hot the past few days. Monday it was 35 C or so, which was way too hot. It's cooled off a little but doesnt look like they are calling for anything under 20 which is nice to know. The weekend is almost here. Not sure what I will get up to. Might go visit some friends but who knows, may wait till next weekend. Well, not much going on in my exciting life here. Take it easy everyone.